How Adele Lost Weight and Is Keeping It Off

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you will know by now that Adele lost weight. The super successful singer has been in the news for reasons different than her music recently when she managed to shed a lot of weight. Millions of fans are pleased with the results, but a majority of them want to know what it is she did to lose weight and how is she keeping it off. This is interesting, as she hasn’t endorsed any weight loss solutions or products, which is usually the case when a celebrity loses weight rapidly, as is the case with Oprah Winfrey fairly recently.

According to Adele, her secret to losing weight has been not obsessing with her weight in the first place. The singer said that people often get obsessed with their weight loss regimen and, as a result, their mind keeps pushing them to do more. But, the effect of this is actually counterproductive, as they aren’t able to lose weight. So, what Adele did is make a few small changes to her lifestyle and at the same time, stayed positive about it. What she has been doing is following a vegetarian diet, which has helped her drop the pounds. She has also been jogging with her dog.

Over the years, Adele has received significant criticism about her weight. Though her talent has never been in question, experts suggest her success is curtailed by her ‘chubby’ appearance. Adele herself admitted that she had to deal with ‘body image’ issues, yet she never let them take over her mind and her life, which she says is the secret to her weight loss success. She says she is happy the way she is and hasn’t been under any pressure to change, at least from herself. The key has been healthy living and the effects have been showing, given the fact that Adele lost weight quite rapidly.

The birth of her son, Angelo, has been a catalyst for her to put more effort towards losing weight. Adele said she wants to get and stay healthy. She gave up smoking and curtailed her alcohol intake as well. She has also stopped eating meat altogether and she and her partner go out jogging with their pet dog. So, in essence, it is surprising to learn that Adele lost weight without endorsing any diet plan or exercise regime, but the results are there for everyone to see!

Author: Callie Lake

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