Top 5 Belly Fat Burning Foods

If you’re tired of that bulge around your middle and you just can’t seem to beat it no matter how many sit-ups and crunches you do, then you’ll want to hear about the top 5 belly fat burning foods to kick your efforts up a notch and start seeing the results you know you should be getting.

The top 5 belly fat burning foods are ones that help you to burn stored fats in that area more effectively and they help you to avoid cravings that would lead you to eat sweets and fatty snacks that will only cause you to pack the weight back on again.

Consider the following top 5 belly fat burning foods to get you going:

1. Oatmeal – that’s right, that basic breakfast you had as a child is actually an incredible secret for helping you to keep your middle from getting fatty and to reduce what’s there. The reason is that it is very high in fiber and is slow to digest. This means that it will not only fill you up, but it will keep you feeling satisfied throughout the morning so that you’ll be far less likely to want a sweet snack before lunchtime. Just make sure to choose the plain variety and not the types that are loaded with sugars (that will work against your efforts to stave off cravings). If you want to sweeten it somehow, toss in a handful of berries.

2. Berries – of course, you can eat these without the oatmeal, too. They have a tremendous amount of fiber and help you to satisfy your sweet tooth. Fresh or frozen, they both taste great, are high in nutrients and antioxidants.

3. Nuts – almonds and walnuts are especially good for helping you to feel full. Limit yourself to a handful per day. For most adults, this means about 24 almonds or fewer. This will help to keep hunger pangs at bay without drowning yourself in calories. Make sure that you eat the unsalted variety or you will only cause your blood pressure to rise, which will make dieting more of a struggle.

4. Eggs – these are high in protein and vitamin B12. The first helps you to stay full longer after eating them, and the second helps your body to metabolize fat more effectively. If your cholesterol is high, use egg whites only.

5. Beans and legumes – black beans, for example, have a tremendous amount of fiber and protein, which will help you to feel full, burn fat, and build muscle. If you replace one of your meat meals with beans every week, you’ll already cut a mountain of saturated fat from your diet, replacing it with healthy dietary fiber.

Author: Callie Lake

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