Biggest Celebrity Weight Loss Stories

We all need role models when it comes to weight loss so it’s natural to seek the biggest celebrity weight loss stories. After all—they need to do it and do it well. Here we will cover a few very familiar names and let you in on their weight-loss secrets.

Celebrities and their incredible weight loss secrets:

Star Jones: This lady really went through some incredible transformations as far as weight loss was concerned. She lost at least 150 pounds in a short time period. In case you have forgotten—she is a star on the female paneled talk show “The View”. This star finally admitted she had Gastric Bypass but the good news is you can do the same with a diet pill and the right diet and exercise.

Drew Carey: Star of Cleveland Rocks and host of the comedy improv show, Whose Line is It Anyway? also had a significant amount of weight to lose. He did it rapidly and kept it off. How did he do it? His story is an inspiration. He was not only overweight but diabetic and he decided out of the blue at age 52 he no longer wanted to be “fat” he said publicly because he was known as the teddy-bear. Cute he admitted but fit him no longer. He changed his entire lifestyle and way of eating and hit the gym regularly. He’s lost upwards of 80 pounds and has kept it off.

Kelly Osbourne: This is another of the biggest celebrity weight loss stories. Kelly used a low carb, high protein diet through a dancing with the stars trainer. She was taught that diet and exercise do work and she looks and feels better than ever! Kelly consistently eats a balanced diet and exercises regularly to keep it off.

The basic trend is to learn the right balanced habits and you won’t have to worry about crash dieting ever again. Sometimes procedures like lap band and gastric bypass may be somewhat necessary but they come with a lot of risk. Diet pills can also be a less risky aid when taken properly—but nothing beats or is more long-term than diet and exercise that is balanced and healthy along with a great attitude and a lot of commitment.

So, hands down—diet and exercise really are the winners—even with the stars—which in and of itself may be surprising—but no less true. There sure is a lot to learn from these biggest celebrity weight loss stories.

Author: Callie Lake

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