Burpee Variations That Will Transform Your Physique

Burpee variations to change things upBurpees are an exercise move that you either love or hate. That said, as much as we tend to think of them as one type of move, there are many burpee variations that can help to change the results, increase or decrease the challenge level or even become more or less enjoyable to you.

There are tons of different burpee variations out there. If you want to bring your own workout to a new level, then you might want to investigate some alternatives to the ones you’re already using.

You might find that some of the most popular burpee variations have risen to this status for a reason – they’re effective and fun! They maintain the overall benefit of the standard version, but shake things up a little. Therefore, they still work every large muscle in your body without the need for equipment, and they still boost your heart rate so you get great cardio, but they do it differently.

Consider some of these alternatives to the standard burpee:

· Standard Burpee The move is as follows: stand normally with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat completely down to the ground. Bring your hands down to the floor and hop your feet back all the way to bring yourself to a plank-like position. Do one pushup. Fire your feet back between your hands and push off to stand up again. Pushups may be done from the knees instead of the feet if that is more fitness-level appropriate for you.


· Hurpee (aka, the half burpee) Said simply, it’s a burpee without having to do the pushup portion. While some people refer to this as a complete burpee, that’s not actually the case. Without the pushup is a half. The standard version requires a pushup.


· Double Burpee Go through each stage of the standard burpee and do them twice in succession.


· Deadlift burpee This alternative will require you to use either a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells. Finish the first segment of the burpee with your hands on the weights while accessing your core muscles. As you thrust up to standing, hold your head up and back straight and complete a deadlift with the weights.
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Author: Callie Lake

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