Celebrity Tips for Busy Schedule Fitness

Celebrity Busy Schedule FitnessCelebrities are the epitome of folks with a busy schedule fitness strategy. They tend to know how to fit it all in though. There are many little ways you can fit ways to have a fitness routine with a busy schedule. It might sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Celebs Know About Busy Schedule Fitness Strategies

If there is anyone who would have all the tips about busy schedule fitness programs, it’s definitely celebs.  They’re often facing full days, erratic calendars, travel, and other barriers to maintaining healthy lifestyles.  Still, they’re constantly in the spotlight. If they let their appearance slip even a little, they can count on being caught by fans or paparazzi, ready to point out the difference.

Therefore, if you want to look at how to make sure you keep fitness in your busy schedule, it makes sense to have a look at how celebrities do it. Even if their specific workout routine isn’t for you, the fact that they can mash it into their day is worth your attention.

Tips from Celebrities to Keep Up Fitness with a Busy Schedule

The following are some of the celebrities that have been known to go beyond taking a step such as a diet supplement with clinically researched ingredients like PHENBLUE, to make sure a workout will always fit into their day.

Pippa Middleton

This royal relative and celebrity used Pilates on the go. She says it keeps her happy and it is her once a week fitness escape that adds invigoration and a clear head to her life that she starts at 7am and finishes at 7pm.

Gwyneth Paltrow

She is a fan of personal trainers. They keep you in line and on the right track. They keep her focused on the task at hand. It is a way to commit to a routine in the midst of what you are doing each day and makes you feel like you are really going to an event rather than just a workout. Her busy schedule fitness routine is great for accountability.

Princess Beatrice

This young lady finds time to walk and jog. This is best to do in the morning when it is cooler out and you want a great metabolism boost. Remember to eat within an hour after running to burn off breakfast!

Kate Winslet

She is also a great fan of Pilates but this celebrity tip for busy schedule fitness is Pilates at home! She says it is better because this is in private and there is no one watching you to tell you to work harder—therefore you do more and at your own pace and when you need to.

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block stepped up to Tracy Anderson workouts. These are convenient and can be reduced or stepped up to adjust to your schedule as needed. She is also an advocate of the hotel workout. The out of home town New Yorker isn’t shy to do a pushup against a wall wherever she is.

Brittany Spears

This star has 90 minutes with a personal trainer but when she doesn’t have the luxury of time—she goes swimming which is an exercise she loves.

The Bottom Line About Busy Schedule Fitness Strategies

For the most part there are more styles than celebrity tips for busy schedule fitness. What seems to be the success in keeping fit during a busy schedule is focus or doing something that they really enjoy so that it doesn’t take a long time and they do more because it doesn’t feel like it’s working out at the gym!

Author: Callie Lake

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