Cameron Diaz Releases New Diet Book

Most of us know the starlet Cameron Diaz from her memorable role in There’s Something about Mary, but now there is something about Cameron that is putting her right on the front page of the most popular publications. The secret behind her famously svelte yet voluptuous physique has been a mystery to her fans since she first appeared on the scene, but her new book is shedding light on how she stays in shape even in her early 40s.

Cameron: The “Post-Master General”

Sharing her useful insights and personal experience with the pressures of weight management in Hollywood, Cameron Diaz recently wrote a book entitled The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love your Amazing Body. Within it she explores the fundamentals and unique nuances of general nutrition and personal health, and she further encourages her readers by posting makeup-free pictures of herself on Instagram as a way to show that her confidence and beauty have never waned in spite of her age of 41 years young.

The Basics of the Book

In the book that was recently written and published by Cameron Diaz, there is a significant amount of detail surrounding the pros and cons of long-term diet plans. Understanding the importance of finding balance in life, Ms. Diaz has made sure that her book focuses on a holistic approach that naturally becomes a lifelong habit. The insightful and well-written pages describe Cameron’s favorite ways to make healthy and consistent choices in order to reach a specific fitness goal and to turn that goal into the ability to live a “long, strong, happy, healthy life,” as her promotional material reads.

Cameron Debunks the Hype

We already love Cameron Diaz, but her new book makes her even more loveable. She completely debunks the myth that specific foods groups are more important than others, and she goes into great detail about the benefits of getting enough vitamins and minerals by eating whole foods that are nutrient-dense as well as delicious. Known for her love of fitness through catching waves on the ocean, bright-eyed and beautiful Cameron Diaz definitely has the secrets for keeping hunger at bay while increasing mood and energy levels. After all, it takes a truly healthy eater to keep pace with Ms. Diaz—and she would know; she has admitted that she was not always the healthiest eater!

Author: Callie Lake

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