The Most Amazing Celeb Weight Loss Stories of 2014

As the year draws to a close and you start to think of your own weight loss goals, you can’t help but look at some of the best celeb weight loss stories of 2014. Some of these were truly profound as you saw these stars lose weight in an entirely new way. You saw transformations that seemed impossible, and yet you also need to think of the resources that the stars have working to support them. Sure these can serve as a great source of inspiration, but do keep in mind that some of us may not have the personal trainer, dietician, chef, and other help that the celebrities do. If nothing else looking at them can help to inspire us to lose the weight once and for all.

So you can’t possibly look at the best celeb weight loss stories without noticing that some men were on the list. Looking at the weight loss that men like Seth Rogan or Jonah Hill enjoyed are at the heart of the stories this year. Not only because you don’t often see men on the list, but also because they did it the old fashioned way too. They were not enticed by fad diets that are extreme and therefore silly in the long term, but rather they worked hard to lose the weight. Sure they had help in eating the right foods and a personal trainer to help them in the gym, but they lost the weight the right way and never went to extremes and that is truly noteworthy. These men are some of the best celeb stories out there!

They Worked Hard and You Can Too With This Inspiration

There are some women that went through an absolutely amazing transformation and therefore must be included on the best celeb weight loss stories of the year. For example looking at somebody like Rosie O’Donnell who lost such a tremendous amount of weight is pivotal to this story. Also understanding that she had health problems threatening her really brings it home that the stars are just like us. Keep in mind that she had help, but she did it. So too did Jessica Simpson and Jordin Sparks, and they worked hard to get to where they wanted to be. Many will say that they lost the weight after big transitions in both of their lives, and sometimes that is what it takes to get things started.

So when you think of the best celeb weight loss stories of the year, let them inspire you to do your best. Sure you might not have the access to resources that they do, but you can have the same motivation and inspiration to keep the momentum going. It’s all about eating right, working hard in the gym, and ultimately taking good care of yourself through a healthy lifestyle. These celebrities prove that hard work is key and changing the way that you live will help you to keep the weight off. Even a story like Christina Aguilera shows that though your body may change through something like pregnancy, with hard work and determination you can get to where you truly want to be.

Author: Callie Lake

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