These Celebrities are Almost Unrecognizable After Dramatic Weight Loss

dramatic weight loss celebritiesCelebrities are always being photographed and filmed, making it easy for us to get a good picture of them in our minds. So when they undergo a huge change in the way they look, such as from dramatic weight loss, the effect can be so big that we may have to double take before we can recognize who they are.

Whether they’re dropping the pounds to achieve a certain look for a role they were playing or whether they were doing it for their personal lives, the result is the same – a huge change in appearance.

Consider some of the celebrities who have undergone such dramatic weight loss that they didn’t even look like their old selves anymore:

• Jennifer Hudson – This star has won both an Oscar and a Grammy and yet in 2010, all anyone could talk about was all the weight she’d lost the year before. That said, it was in 2010 when she became the face of the Weight Watchers diet program. The celeb had dropped from a size 16 to size 6.

• 50 Cent – The rapper could have dropped the weight due to health concerns but his true motivation for his striking weight loss was to be able to play a role in Things Fall Apart, in which he played a cancer patient in 2010. He dropped from 214 pounds to 160 pounds in only nine weeks, achieving the withered and emaciated look he needed.

• John Goodman – Known for his size as much as his role of Dan Conner on Rosanne, Goodman weighed well over 300 pounds, reaching 368 pounds in 2007. Since then, Goodman has dropped over 100 pounds by exercising six days per week, cutting added sugar from his diet and quitting alcohol.

Christian Bale – Before playing the role of Batman and Bruce Wayne, Bale dropped an astounding 63 pounds to play his role in The Mechanist. The 6 foot tall star claims to have taken vitamin supplements to make sure he received all his nutrition while barely eating and overly exercising in order to bring himself down to 122 pounds from his usual 185 pounds.

Drew Carey – When the comedian turned 55, he found out that his excess weight was threatening his health. He lost 80 pounds and stuck to a diet based on vegetables, fruits and lean proteins as well as a 45 minute cardio workout six days per week.

Author: Callie Lake

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