What Lean Celebrities Like to Eat for Breakfast

Celebrities Like to Eat for BreakfastEveryone says the most important meal of the day is breakfast and it is for more than one reason. Breakfast sends the right signal to your brain to tell your body you aren’t starving, and it’s perfectly fine to burn fat from last night and of course all day long. That means there is no reason to starve your body all day long and conserve all the fat you eat for the next week. Many believe that this is one of several contributing factors for how we gain weight.

What Celebrities Like to Eat to Start the Day

Within a half hour after waking, you need to put something in your mouth and make sure it is protein and filling quality carbs (avoiding bleached white flour and sugar in favor of unsweetened whole grains, for example).

Trainers and nutritionists of the stars recommend an oatmeal fix with fruit and some egg whites. That said, it’s important to understand that this nutrition advice has been changing, as a whole egg contains far more protein and nutrients, to the point that it is considered to be a superfood by many.  Moreover, the difference in calories is minimal. Therefore, if you want to go for it and eat a whole egg instead of just the whites, a growing number of experts would give your choice the green light.

The Importance of Breakfast

Breakfast has to maintain this balance because protein with satiate you and oatmeal will expand in your stomach as it absorbs the water you drink.  The outcome is that it will not only be convenient and nutritious but also help you to feel more satisfied and keep you feeling full due ot its fiber content.

Other favorites of the stars are, yes, you guessed it – smoothies. The favorite flavors are strawberry banana and hemp powder or hemp oil with chia seeds! in case you don’t know what they are we will share that information. Chia seeds are a superfood that you find in the outback around the world as well as yes–the Chia Pet! They are a popular total protein for a smoothie as well as hemp. Hemp is the plant that has omega 3 and 6 as well as amino acids. This has been a popular trend among most stars. You can use these superfoods in any meal but as far as the celebrity breakfast is concerned–this is a winner.

Whole grain toast with black coffee is also a dirty little secret and of course coupled with egg or a few thin slices of fresh avocado.

Yogurt with fruit and almonds came in a close third for how to break the celebrity fast. However, we aren’t talking the fruit on the bottom stuff. We’re talking the plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt with fresh fruit or berries and nuts and seeds. This is–by the way–the best way out of all these celeb besties to get your protein and carbs!

What Celebrities Like to Drink with What They Eat

Green tea is the one drink that is more popular in the morning than coffee. Green tea is a natural fat burner IF and only IF you drink four cups (measured cups, not mugs) during the day beginning at breakfast about a half hour after waking. If you absolutely love the taste of green tea, this could be a great option for you and celebrities absolutely love it with what they eat early in the day.

If you’re not as much of a fan but would like to enjoy the benefits, add some to your smoothie, or go ahead and choose some top rated weight loss pills that contain green tea among their ingredients.

Author: Callie Lake

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