Why Some Celebrities Slim Down So Fast and Why It’s Not All That Healthy

celebrities slim down so fast

After watching some of the ways celebrities slim down so fast, it can be easy to want to try to achieve the same types of results. However, as much as these celebs might look as though they’re quickly creating gorgeous healthy bodies, this may not be the case at all.

Whether celebrities slim down so fast because they need to look the part for a certain role, or whether they are trying to bounce back after having a baby, many are willing to go to some rather extreme measures to get the look they want.

While many of these stars say they achieve their results by eating healthfully and exercising on a regular basis, in reality, many celebrities slim down so fast by pushing their bodies to the very limits. They often force themselves to go to eating or exercising extremes to make sure they get an ultra slim body and stay that way.

That said there are also some great looking celebrities who skip the round-the-clock exercise and diets that consist of only one or two watery veggies in favor of balanced, carefully selected nutrient dense meals.

Consider the following nutritious and healthful ways to lose weight fast:

Eat breakfast

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson swears by eating something inside of 30 minutes from waking up. Petersen trains some top bods like Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini. Among the best options includes a cup of oatmeal with scrambled egg whites and sliced fruit.

Eliminate white, refined food products

Celebrity trainer Teddy Bass recommends ditching any carbs that are white in color, including rice, pasta, cookies and bread, due to their high sugar content. Bass trains stars like Cameron Diaz.

Eat veggies but be selective

Celebrity nutritionist Carrie Wiatt says that eating veggies is a great idea, but watch out for the ones that produce gas and can lead to bloating like broccoli and cauliflower. This nutrition expert, whose clients include Fergie and Denise Richards, recommends focusing on watery veggies and fruits such as watermelon, lettuce, grapes, celery, cucumbers and oranges.

Eat spicy foods

Not only do spicy foods add flavor, but they can also help to shrink the appetite. Supermodel trainer David Kirsch recommends adding chopped jalapenos, red pepper flakes and hot pepper sauce to meals. Kirsch helps Liv Tyler and Anne Hathaway stay in shape.

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Author: Callie Lake

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