How Celebrities Stay Lean Over the Holidays

celebrities stay lean over the holidaysThe holidays aren’t just about families for celebrities. It is all about the party after party after party and more food and alcohol than you can imagine. So, you wonder why you are gaining 10 extra pounds while celebrities stay lean over the holidays.

The timing is everything:

The weeks before the holiday party binge is everything to a celebrity and if they are about to get on the set again after it’s all over, it’s even more brutal. So timing is one of the ways celebrities stay lean over the holidays. It’s all about a head start with the loss of more than a few extra pounds beforehand. And there is a secret or two as to what tools they use to do it.

Diet pills:

The celebrities are always discovering new and improved quick weight management diet pills. There are over the counter (non-prescription) pills they love that you can buy online in order to gain added help when you want to stick to your healthy eating and workout strategies! Two of their little secrets are FenFast 375 and Phentramin-D. They are both OTC and can be used throughout the entire length of your diet without any worry over severe side effects.

Portion control when traveling:

If you go to a celebrity party you won’t see a celeb pigging out on the first-run. You will however see them eating an appetizer at a few parties and a little heavier as they go through the night to the wee hours of the morning! This is a great way celebrities stay lean over the holidays and actually one trend you can duplicate if you are invited to more than one dinner. Go to all of them! People do understand when you can’t eat a lot at their party and will be glad you stopped by! This way it stops you from sitting around at one place and picking!

No leftovers to be had:

The same tip will also save them any leftover temptations although with the money they make—they wouldn’t be caught dead bringing any home! But most of us down here—we do it—we take plates from every home we go to so one bonus tip would certainly be to leave the leftovers where they lay—at the friend’s house. It would be awkward to say, “no thanks I’m dieting” but if you say “oh it will go bad in the car and I wouldn’t want to waste it while I travel to Joe’s place” Now that’s a clever way you as well as celebrities stay lean for the holidays!

Author: Callie Lake

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