Most Used Celebrity Diet Plans

If you are looking for diets that work and work fast, you can depend on celebrities to give us the lowdown on what is hot in diets. They want the weight lost yesterday and will go to great lengths to do it. Now, keep in mind that some of these are a little freaky and we will never promise they are going to be healthy—but when you want fast and effective the most used celebrity diet plans are where to go.

What are the most used celebrity diet plans:

The Alkaline diet is one which allows you to eat anything that is not acid-forming. You may be scratching your head thinking—acid forming—huh? Yes, there is a PH balance we have in the body that we have to keep a certain way otherwise we gain weight when our body has to rebalance it. These foods consist of dairy, meat, fish and pasta.

The M-Plan diet is a weird one and not one that anyone would recommend long-term. Basically this is Katy Perry’s signature diet which consists of mushrooms and that is it for 14 days. There isn’t much out there about it so we don’t quite know if it is simply the fact that she is eating nothing but mushrooms all day for two weeks or if there is something in the mushrooms that brings on the weight loss but—we did say some of these are freaky and less than healthy. But, we are talking about celebs here!

Another top celebrity diet plan is quite simple. The 5 Factor Diet plan combines cooking with only 5 ingredients with a heavy exercise regime by Pasternak.

The Beauty Detox Solution is a diet that uses a lot of juicing and plant based diet which lends you protein and takes away harmful carbs. There is a lot of healthiness in this as well so this one is one of the better choices. Drew Barrymore and Fergie are fans of this celebrity diet plan.

Tracy Anderson’s food program is taken on by J Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow and consists of eggplant, zucchini as well as coconut flan and mango. This is delicious and hardly seems like a diet. Tracy also has a separate menu for vegetarians which for celebs is key.

These are the top celebrity diet plans this year and there is no doubt that this list of most used celebrity diets which get weirder and weirder will be changing constantly!

Author: Callie Lake

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