Top Celebrity Weight Loss Results in 2018, So Far

Celebrity Weight Loss 2018 - OprahThere is something truly fascinating about seeing celebrity weight loss. It’s especially great when we see some of our favorite actors, singers and other performers achieving a healthier body. It makes us feel happy for them and, in a way, it makes us feel like we can do it, too!

This year, there have been several top celebrity weight loss stories that have been particularly inspiring. Have a look at what 2018 did for some very popular waistlines.

Celebrity Weight Loss in 2018

The year may not be over yet, but here are some of the best celebrity weight loss stories so far in 2018.

Kelly Clarkson

The musician has lost 37 pounds so far, and she says she did it by following the advice in The Plant Paradox book, by Steven R. Gundry. All the way through, she has kept up her solid promotion of body positivity. She did point out that some of her main struggles were the result of thyroid issues and autoimmune disease, but now she feels better than ever before.

Khloe Kardashian

Could any celebrity weight loss story be complete without a Kardashian? This ultra-wealthy family is known for their efforts toward body perfection. That said, in Khloe’s case, it wasn’t as much a diet that helped her to lose her post-pregnancy 33 pounds as it was her dedication to fitness. She works out five to six days per week for a figure that is not only trim, but also fit. That said, eating right and breastfeeding her baby also played an important role in her results.

Kevin Smith

In February 2018, the director suffered a serious heart attack. Celebrity weight loss was the solution he turned to. This terrifying lesson was learned and Smith lost 43 pounds by June, using Weight Watchers to get him there. At that point, he was only 10 pounds away from his target weight as recommended by his doctors.

Melissa McCarthy

This celebrity weight loss story came with the use of diet pills. She used a weight management pill to help her to jog as a part of her regular fitness routine, and to keep a watch on eating healthy and staying active. The pills didn’t do the job for her, but they supported the efforts she was making. Overall, she lost 75 pounds.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah joined the Weight Watchers program in 2015 and has since lost – and kept off – 42 pounds. The story may not have occurred exclusively in 2018, but there is a lot to say about healthy gradual weight loss that doesn’t come back again. Moreover, Oprah has plans to continue along this road and to “firm up” and “feel as fit as possible,” possibly through a weight-training program. Embracing a healthy lifestyle in this way is just one more way that this great woman is genuinely inspirational.

Author: Callie Lake

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