Gain Inspiration With Celebrity Weight Loss Success Stories

When we look for inspiration–we tend to look at the celebrities that almost always look as if they are always successful–and not to mention fast! So, what are there secrets and how can we do this too?

Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss trial was one of the most notable celebrity weight loss success stories. She was one of those celebs with a way to go. She gave birth to her son and then lost the extra weight so she could play Winnie, the wife of Nelson Mandela. Even the guys are doing it. Jonah Hill had a shocking weight loss in 2011 that apparently stunned Hollywood in that he was far bigger before. Jonah only put back on a fraction of the weight he lost and credited a diet of Japanese food to the weight loss. Ricki Lake has made some weight loss leaps and bounds. She is now supposedly a size six and enjoys a fresh food delivery program. Perez Hilton took his time losing the 60 lbs over a year and seems to be maintaining it! Kelly Osbourne has also been an inspiration. The co host of the Fashion Police went back to a size two by continuing her workout training after DWTS ended.

Drew Carey lost 80 lbs and is now free of taking medication for his type 2 diabetes. He has also managed to maintain it, making him one of the most successful celebrity weight loss success stories ever. He worked out 6 times a week and stuck to protein and fruit as well as veggies but no other carbs. Kirstie Alley lost 75 lbs on Jenny Craig and put it all back on shortly after. Her saving grace was dancing with the stars and the daily workouts which took the majority of the weight off again. Jessica Simpson is another one that doesn’t stay off the radar very long. She is a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and has lost the weight not only once, but twice after having consecutive pregnancies. Janet Jackson has gone up and down over the years. She lost a lot of weight lately but has not said how much she lost because she refuses to look at the scale.

Most celebs have either started off with a reputable weight loss pill or have done the traditional calorie restriction or pre made weight loss meals. However, if you notice, those never really do the trick as far as longevity is concerned. But, those who made the lifestyle changes and changed the way they ate are the ones who lost weight at the right speed and kept it off. Those are the celebrity weight loss success stories that truly inspire.

Author: Callie Lake

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