Intermittent Fasting is the Chris Pratt Weight Loss Diet of Choice

Chris Pratt Weight Loss Fasting DietChris Pratt weight loss headlines have swamped magazines and newspapers online. After all, it involves a top actor, a visible difference and a very trendy diet technique. The thirty nine year old actor has become just as well known for having a great body as he is for starring in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

That said, before he built that reputation, he was known for his role on Parks and Recreation. That was before the Chris Pratt weight loss transformation. Then, he was playing the character of Andy Dwyer, who was lovable and much heavier than he is now.

When Did Chris Pratt Weight Loss Efforts Begin?

Though the Chris Pratt weight loss news wasn’t much during Parks and Recreation, he needed to undergo dramatic changes to get ready for his Jurassic World role. That movie premiered in 2016 and lead to the Jurassic World 2 sequel. The actor shared that he has a great love of food – and eating it – and that he finds it quite challenging to stay in shape.

When it comes to Chris Pratt weight loss techniques, he has a tendency to aim for the latest trends on top of the workouts he has managed to keep up. Most recently, these efforts have involved intermittent fasting. This is something he has started talking about over social media, as well as in a recent article in People magazine.

Many Chris Pratt Weight Loss Diets

While the Chris Pratt weight loss results his fans have witnessed have seemed to be steady, the fact is that they have come from many different strategies over the years. He has admitted that he finds it difficult to adhere to one program over the long term. Therefore, he often experiences regained weight and find himself looking for the next solution to work into his life.

On Instagram, he explained that he was “doing this intermittent fasting thing,” saying that he didn’t eat anything until noon, doing his cardio workout in the morning. He jokingly added that it was “super exciting actor stuff.” That said, he appeared to be quite happy with the results he was seeing from intermittent fasting. He encouraged his fans to look into it and read about it because “It’s actually kinda cool.” He said he’d already lost some weight by using it and that he was pleased with it.

How Chris Pratt Weight Loss Comes from Intermittent Fasting

Pratt explained that while he doesn’t have anything until noon, he does still enjoy his morning coffee. That said, he now drinks it black instead of adding the milk and spoonfuls of sugar that he used to have. As a treat, he occasionally adds a splash of oat milk to his coffee. He also added that he doesn’t use intermittent fasting strictly, as he permits himself the occasional “cheat”.

Author: Callie Lake

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