Should Celebrities Be Banned from Diet Advertising?

Celebrity Diet AdvertisingSocial media influencers can get us to do all sorts of odd things, but some now believe they should be banned from diet advertising. The justification is that it isn’t uncommon for people to believe the claims made by their favorite celebrities. Therefore, they go ahead and buy into whatever it is that they see their top celebs doing on TV, social media or elsewhere.

Unfortunately, not all celebrities are actually using the products they show themselves loving in Instagram pics, YouTube videos, or good old television commercials. Though this may not represent the majority of celebs, there are enough for many people to consider the trend a problem.

Dangerous Diet Advertising

This diet advertising issue becomes particularly problematic when celebrities endorse products that have a negative impact on the body. It is not that the celebrities necessarily know whether or not a product is dangerous, but that, in itself, can be the problem. The celebrity is paid money to be photographed or video recorded with a product, or to make a social media post about it.

That said, it doesn’t mean that they’ve used it, or that they’ve used it long enough to know whether or not it is safe. Moreover, even if they do use it, most celebrities don’t have the medical expertise necessary to recommend what is essentially a medical product – something designed to create a difference in the individual’s body.

Changing Diet Advertising Rules

In some parts of the world, steps are being taken to reduce the impact of diet advertising from unqualified sources. This includes moves to ban celebrities from being able to be featured in these ads.

One of the most recent efforts is being made by the National Medical Director of England’s National Health Service (N.H.S.). Professor Stephen Powis is working to have social media companies ban the advertising of these products, particularly by celebrities and influencers.

Powis explained that celebs are knowingly or unknowingly promoting products that are potentially damaging without the capacity to provide any clinical advice or health warning. He stated that this can be “really detrimental” to the physical and mental health of an individual who respects that celebrity enough to act on his or her recommendations.

Many celebrities use their social media to create a solid brand for themselves. Those with larger presences are frequently offered the opportunity to make money by being paid for their diet advertising posts. This is leading to a growing number of lawsuits as problems arise from misleading ads or improperly disclosed sponsorship.

Author: Callie Lake

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