The Most Dramatic Weight Loss Stories of 2014

We all probably know at least one person who has achieved remarkable weight loss after some hard work and dedication. However, there are some folks who just blow people away with their success. Some of the most dramatic weight loss stories of 2014 happened right in Hollywood, in front of the flashing lights and cameras. If these people can manage to lose weight while dealing with so much pressure, there really is no reason you can’t pull it off as well.

Fat Isn’t Funny Anymore

The world has fallen in love with fat funnyman Zach Galifianakis over the past couple of years, but something is a little different about him this season. Red carpet onlookers will not only notice the star’s witty sense of humor but will also see that his is actually one of the most dramatic weight loss stories of 2014. At the ripe age of 45, Galifianakis trimmed down his physique in a relatively short period of time. So, what was his secret to shedding over 35 unwanted pounds of not-so-hilarious fat? It turns out that he started drinking vodka instead of beer!

Picture Perfect Imperfection

Famous funny men were not the only ones who were able to lose a significant portion of weight this year. Melissa McCarthy, who has become one of Hollywood’s most-favored leading ladies, has broken the mold on what it means to be attractive and famous. Her “oversized” physique has been trimmed down lately, though. Dropping over 45 pounds of excess weight in just a few short weeks, she has people all over the world wanting to know about her techniques. So, how did she do it? Well, it looks as if McCarthy just stuck to a low-carb, high protein diet and it worked wonders for her.

Drama and Weight Loss Go Hand-in-Hand

It definitely seems as though Hollywood is home to this year’s most dramatic weight loss stories. Perhaps the initial shock is because the transformations have been put in the public eye, and maybe it is because we are so used to seeing celebrities already have the perfect body. Either way, it is nice to see how some people can become beloved members of the Hollywood elite without being in shape and how their willingness to make healthy changes can inspire other people to do the same thing.

Author: Callie Lake

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