What Inspired Drew Barrymore to Lose 20 Pounds

Drew Barrymore Lose weightDrew Barrymore has always been a gorgeous actress but many of us wonder how she managed to lose so much weight a few years ago. It was difficult not to notice that she dropped 20 pounds within a relatively short span of time. Fortunately for us, she wasn’t tight lipped about how she did it.

In fact, the star was more than happy to tell the media exactly how she achieved her goal. When her Santa Clarita Diet series premiered on Netflix, the then 41 year old enchanted crowds. Two years later, she has kept it up and looks incredible.

Why Did Drew Barrymore Lose the Weight?

The celebrity explained that issues in her personal life allowed her to let the pounds climb on. When she and her third husband, Will Kopelman, split, it made the situation worse. She found that weight management fell to a low point on her priority list.

Drew Barrymore pointed out that being cast as Sheila in the Santa Clarita Diet inspired her to lose. The casting arrived at a time in her life when “I had sort of let myself go,” she said. But the character made her feel like she “could come alive.”

How Did Drew Barrymore Lose the Weight?

The movie star explained that she was able to slim down and shed 20 pounds by boosting her protein intake. She explained that she had been 144 pounds when she first started her efforts and once the weight was gone, she was 124 pounds.

She also said she followed Kimberly Snyder’s methods. That said, she took that strategy in her own direction. She used proteins in the form of fish and chicken in addition to the vegetarian and vegan sources Kimberly Snyder prefers.

The Tough Part

That said, as successful as the program might have been, it may not be the right one for many of us. Drew Barrymore did say that it was very tough to lose the weight with her method. She struggled with her restrictions. She took pride in her self-discipline but confessed that “all I did was cry and dream about pizza.” She also pointed out that she continues to think about pizza all the time.

Still, she insists that she chose a more subtle approach to weight loss and steered clear of gimmicks. She even pointed out that throughout the first season of the Santa Clarita Diet show, you can observe the very gradual weight loss. It didn’t stand out dramatically. It happened in a gradual way.

Author: Callie Lake

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