Drew Carey’s Weight Loss Not Just For Looks

When many people think about weight loss, they think about appearance. Drew Carey’s weight loss is not just for looks. Carey wanted to achieve good health and longevity in addition to slimming up his appearance. How did Drew Carey achieve his picture-of-health appearance? It was through a lot of discipline and hard work, but he says seeing results of his work motivate him to keep going. Carey now lives a healthy and active lifestyle, one which he is very happy with.

Drew Carey’s weight loss is due to a lot of discipline in addition to a super healthy lifestyle. Carey’s diet is basically free of simple carbohydrates. He eats lots of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. His diet is free of processed and sugary food. He says he typically eats egg whites and fruit for breakfast, snacks on fruit throughout the day, and then he eats grilled chicken and steamed vegetables. Carey also mentions having a life free of any tea, coffee, and soda.

Drew Carey’s weight loss workouts include plenty of cardio. He says keeping up in his 6 day a week workout is his secret weapon. Carey does about 45 of cardio daily in addition to becoming more active in general. Drew Carey has gone from a size 44 pants to a size 34, although his ultimate goal is to be a 32.

Drew Carey not only combated unwanted weight, he also has combated his type 2 diabetes. By losing 80 pounds Carey no longer has diabetes. Carey also says he does not need his medication anymore. He no longer feels the “burden” of being overweight, he also says he likes being skinny. Losing all that weight is really what keeps him motivated to stay on track and keep up with his exercises. Carey continues to live his healthy lifestyle of eating right and staying active to maintain his physique and keep diabetes away.

Drew Carey really is an inspiration to all those discouraged by being overweight and who struggle with medical conditions. Carey has worked very hard and has been very disciplined to get to where he is in his fitness goals. With over 80 pounds lost, Drew Carey’s weight loss plan of cutting carbs, processed foods, and sugary foods has been a tremendous success. Drew Carey has beat obesity and diabetes type 2, showing the world it can be done.

Author: Callie Lake

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