How Did Duchess Sarah Ferguson Lose 50 Pounds?

It is no secret that the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, has been struggling with her weight for a long time now. Being a well-known figure in Europe and around the world, her issues with her body size and weight have documented by media frequently, and she has been in the news since the start of this year for having dropped a considerable number of pounds in a short span of time. So you might be curious to know how Duchess Sarah Ferguson managed to lose significant weight without spending too much time on it.

According to official reports, Duchess Sarah Ferguson has stated that she lost 50 pounds in a matter of less than six months. Generally, it is recommended that people don’t aim for losing more than three to four pounds a week, to ensure their health doesn’t suffer, so it can be said that Sarah’s weight loss has been more or less consistent with what medical experts describe as the safe zone. Even with her amazing new body, Duchess Sarah Ferguson isn’t at risk of any health issues.

So, how did she manage to achieve this in the first place? If you ask the lady herself, she says she didn’t opt for any crazy routine that would have required her to cut down on her favorite foods or spend a few hours at the gym every day. Rather, she focused on performing a light workout, albeit on a regular basis with no leeway. Over a period of five months, exercise was the major reason behind her exceptional weight loss. In addition to working out, she eliminated foods with added sugar from her diet entirely.

If you take her word for it, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minor changes to your lifestyle to accomplish the sort of exceptional weight loss that Duchess Sarah Ferguson has achieved. It wouldn’t be too difficult to motivate yourself to give up sugary food and to follow a light workout routine from now on if it will allow you to lose all the extra flab in no time at all. It is a tradeoff worth making!

One more factor to which Sarah Ferguson attributes her weight loss is the ridicule she faced, both from her loved ones and from the media, for her previous body size. She used this as motivation to go ahead with her weight loss program and achieve exceptional results.

Author: Callie Lake

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