How Does Emma Stone Manage to Stay So Skinny?

It is not easy to feel good about your body. This is especially true for girls and women in show business. Emma Stone, who recently appeared in the box-office hit The Amazing Spider-Man 2, is one of those girls who likes to stay skinny and in good shape. She is admired by girls and women around the world for her physical beauty.

Food is an integral part of Emma Stone’s life. After all, how would she be able to do all of those awesome moves in movies if she were not eating right? Diet has always been an integral part of Hollywood actors’ and actresses’ lives. It is the key to their amazing bodies, which you see in movies. Add a hard workout routine to such a strict diet and you have men and women with bodies sculpted like the gods’.

In order to stay successful in show business, especially when you are as famous as Emma Stone, you have to do everything it takes to stay in shape. No one is going to hire a girl who packs on weight to be Spiderman’s girlfriend. He may have super-strength, but even he will get tired of carrying her around the city.

So how does Emma Stone stay skinny? She incorporates a strict diet with a combination of exercises such as rock climbing, pilates, and walking.

Rock climbing is an amazing way of performing an intense cardio workout. This is one of Emma Stone’s favorite exercises, something that has helped her build that amazingly sexy and slender body.

Indoor rock climbing is on the rise in the U.S. as a popular and effective way of doing intense cardio. More fitness trainers are incorporating this workout into their clients’ routines.

In pilates, the exercises that tone the body into shape especially well are:

  • The 100
  • Single-leg stretches
  • Crisscross

Pilates have been a part of the workout plans of many Hollywood stars for years now. You have seen the excellent results on the big screen.

Apart from these two types of workouts, Emma Stone loves walking. Walking has long been described by doctors and fitness gurus as one of the best ways of losing fat, maintaining weight, and staying healthy. This is something you can do anywhere, anytime; all you need is a good pair of shoes. Walking is perfect for building endurance and stamina.

If someone as busy and famous as Emma Stone can stay skinny and healthy, then you should be inspired by her to do the same. Not only does she take time out from work for her health but she also takes time for family and friends, an example from which many people can learn.

Author: Callie Lake

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