These Celebrities Lost Weight with Help From Personal Trainers

help from personal trainersWhen we think about the top singers, actors and other performers who have dropped the pounds, we tend to think celebrities lost weight with help from experts such as personal trainers. It’s easy to assume that we can’t get the same kinds of results they did because they have virtually unlimited resources for paying professionals to keep them on the right track. Of course that’s not the case, but many celebs do take advantage of the fact that they have the resources to get the assistance they require for mastering their body fat levels.

It’s commonplace for the most popular celebs in the world to look to trainers. Why wouldn’t they if they have the means? But that’s not to say that it’s impossible for weight loss to occur without assistance but it is more common to see that celebrities lost weight with help. In fact, they are often the ones who make the headlines with their achievements because their trainers are proud and want to show off their accomplishments to boost their competitiveness in an industry full of tough rivals.

The following celebrities lost weight with help from personal trainers. This isn’t to say that the process was easy for them, but they were able to take advantage of expert guidance and motivation to reach their goals:

Jennifer Hudson – This gorgeous star is best known for the weight loss she achieved when she joined Weight Watchers. However, while she continues to team up with that brand, she still has a personal trainer Harley Pasternak, who has helped get her into shape and keep her there through methods such as his 25 minute, 5-Factor workout.

• Alec Baldwin – At 53 years old, Baldwin was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic and decided to make a priority of losing the weight. He managed to drop 30 pounds while cutting out added sugars, which he found to be “truly a battle.” That said, while most celebrities lost weight with help from someone they’ve hired, it’s more than likely that Baldwin was also encouraged quite conveniently at home as his wife is a yoga instructor!

Mariah Carey – When Mariah Carey had her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, she’d put on 30 pounds and felt strong pressure to lose the weight. However, despite the drive to drop the pounds quickly, she used Jenny Craig’s system along with her personal trainer Bernardo Coppola. She now works with both the diet program and the American Heart Association to educate Americans about the importance of weight management in controlling heart disease and diabetes.

Jordin Sparks – American Idol Jordin Sparks managed to lose 35 pounds with the help of personal trainer David Ashley and a lot of motivation. Many celebrities lost weight with help in the form of extreme dieting, but she started slow, beginning with neighborhood walks that eventually became Zumba cardio sessions and even mountain climbing!

Author: Callie Lake

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