Healthiest DIY Holiday Mason Jar Gifts

As much as the holiday season can feel like it’s synonymous with sugary treats, healthier options are also often welcome. For this reason, some health-focused and yet tasty DIY holiday mason jar gifts will frequently be an option people truly enjoy. It’s not that they don’t like all the cookies and candy canes, but now and again, a nutrient or two doesn’t hurt!

That said, not all holiday mason jar gifts are created equal. For example, hot chocolate powder and marshmallows may be a lot of fun, but it doesn’t pack the nutrition punch you might be aiming for. Instead, try to place a focus on the simplicity of high quality, flavorful and nutritious ingredients. This will allow the gifts to be affordable and appreciated at the same time.

Consider the following DIY holiday mason jar gifts for the people on your list this year:

· Protein balls – instead of rum balls or cookies that are packed with refined sugar, put together your favorite protein balls and toss them into a mason jar. Be sure to attach the recipe so your friend or family member will be able to make them once they try them and fall in love with the way they taste.

· Healthy hot cocoa mix – pre-made hot chocolate powder may not be good for you, but cocoa sure is. Mix unsweetened cocoa powder with some dairy-free dark chocolate powder (or get very dedicated and grate the dark chocolate yourself. Add a hint of raw, unprocessed sugar and even your vegan friends will be able to enjoy this delicious, rich beverage full of antioxidants.

· Trail mix – toss together some pumpkin seeds you’ve roasted yourself, some almonds, a few walnuts and sprinkle in a few dried cranberries (not too many as they are sweetened). You’ll have made the perfect delicious and filling snack full of healthy oils and protein.

· A spa treatment – not everything healthy is something you take internally. That said, many beauty products are made primarily of chemicals that aren’t good for you or the environment. Instead, make a few great options for your friends and family members that will nourish their skin, soothe their minds and be artificial chemical-free. A peppermint foot scrub made of olive oil and coconut oil (highly nutritious and moisturizing), regular table sugar (which provides the abrasive for the scrub) and a few drops of peppermint essential oil and you have a simple, affordable and luxurious gift.

Author: Callie Lake

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