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Jennifer Aniston Diet ReviewJennifer Aniston is often considered to be among the sexiest Hollywood women, and dieters around the world have been trying to find the diet and weight loss secrets that this actress knows, so that they will be able to replicate her ability to stay thin and slim, and yet still fit over the years.

Many people look to celebrities as examples of how they can achieve the looks and lifestyles they want.  It has become extremely common for people to try to mimic what celebs are doing to drop the pounds just as it is commonplace to try to wear the same fashions. People like the way many actors, singers and other public figures look and want parts – or all – of those looks for themselves. That’s just how the Jennifer Aniston Diet came to be.

What is the Jennifer Aniston Diet?

The Jennifer Aniston Diet was therefore created to help those who want to lose weight in a similar way to understand her own eating and exercise plan. There is no official Jennifer Aniston Diet website that will provide you with specific guidance, but her methods have been reviewed by many online publications and on occasion the actress, herself, has shared some of her own tips and tricks.

Therefore, you won’t ever find a specific website, program, book or app to guide you through the Jennifer Aniston Diet.  Instead, the performer has shared many of her own perspectives on weight management over the years and people have come to refer to their combination as a single weight loss strategy under Aniston’s name.

What Can You Eat?

One of the key secrets to the Jennifer Aniston Diet was revealed, though, when a professional chef provided the details of the rules concerning what is and is not eaten. The former Friends actress has been known to follow certain established weight loss programs as well as to follow her own personal eating strategy.

Most visibly, it was discovered through the professional chef that the Jennifer Aniston Diet started with the food that is prepared and provided by Zone. For quite a while, the actress used the meals and bars from Zone as her exclusive food consumption every day of the week. That said, she has said that she also eats cheese on occasion, though this is far from her daily food consumption.

That said, she didn’t remain on Zone forever. She shifted gears and took a more personal approach.  It is this component that most people refer to her own diet, and this is what they try to mimic.

More Recent Eating Strategies

Since then, Jewels and Jill Elmore have been hired as her personal chefs. It was this pair who released the detailed account of what is included in the Jennifer Aniston Diet, revealing that if you are interested in staying as slim as she is, using her methods, then you really shouldn’t be interested in eating very much at all.

These details were revealed in the book The Family Chef, which was divided into three different sections: children, men, and “Just Like Jen”. The foods that eaten in the Jennifer Aniston diet are primarily vegetables that are high in their water content, with very little else. Among the recipes are meals with very small amounts of protein, as well as ingredients that are quite obscure and expensive, as well as elements that aren’t practical for the everyday dieter (for example, a homemade granola that has a 45 minute baking time after it has been prepared).

The Jennifer Aniston Diet Isn’t for Everyone

To follow this diet to the letter, you will need to spend a tremendous amount of time on food preparation. This will either require you to spend much of every day in the kitchen, or to spend your weekends getting the week’s foods ready. Of course, you could always hire your own personal chef, but for most of us that is just a pipe dream.

Its requirements aren’t as heavy for the busy actress because she is able to hire additional assistance – in the form of personal chefs – to prepare her meals for her.  This makes it easier, more convenient and more straightforward to stay on track and keep to whatever weight management efforts she chooses to pursue. However, for the majority of us, hiring professional chefs isn’t within our weekly food budgets.  This means that the specialty snacks with extensive preparation and cooking times simply don’t fit into our daily lives.

Has Anyone Else Tried It?

Reviewers who have tried the diet have often stated that they find the exceptionally low-calorie eating plan not to be family friendly, and that after three days, dizziness was a very common symptom. Though weight loss was rapid, most reviewers said that they wouldn’t stick to it, try it again, or recommend it.

The Family Chef book – elements of which were written by Aniston, herself – retails for $18.

Author: Lori Shearer

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