Jennifer Aniston Weight Loss Cookbook to Be Released

Jennifer Aniston, ex-Mrs. Pitt and Rachel from Friends, has announced that she will be releasing a cookbook which will help people lose weight. She has previously entered the lifestyle market with the launch of Living Proof with her longtime friend Chris McMillan. Now, at the age of 45, she is all geared up for something more exciting for her fans.

In an interview with Yahoo! Beauty, the actress revealed her plans to assist people who struggle with weight loss and are stuck in the rut of diet fads. As an actress, she has always been fit and maintained her body weight exceptionally. She religiously follows diet plans, which is obvious from her glowing skin and appealing physical appearance even at the age of 45. It appears as though she has refused to age.

The Jennifer Aniston weight loss cookbook is written with the aim of helping people who are unable to give up on the junk food or can’t stick to boring and bland diet meal plans. She believes she can make diet meals delicious so people are compelled to follow them. Jennifer Aniston stated in the interview that she considers herself “a good alchemist” in the kitchen. She also shared her personal experience, detailing her interest in cooking and experimenting with meals to make them more delicious while retaining their high nutritional value so they don’t affect her weight.

With this new book, she intends to show the world that weight loss isn’t only about depriving yourself of good food. She is leading by example and her example means her fans and weight loss enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to the Jennifer Aniston weight loss cookbook.

On further elaboration, she shared she has already started working on the cookbook. She passionately revealed there will be lots of recipes for beverages too as she herself enjoys them. Not only is she interested in cooking, the Friends star is a fitness fanatic as well. She told the interviewer that when it comes to exercise, she loves to run and for relaxation she practices yoga.

Talking about weight loss, she also showed her disgust at harmful methods, such as injecting extracts and following fad diets that have potentially severe effects on your overall health. She believes taking a holistic approach towards weight loss is the only way to achieve success. Hence, the Jennifer Aniston weight loss cookbook will be in line with her values, so you can rest assured the recipes and information she provides will help you lose weight.

Author: Callie Lake

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