How Jessica Biel Lost All the Baby Weight

When you look at some of the celebrities you may often wonder how they do it. Though they do get a lot of help from their trainers and nutritionists, they are also able to lose weight and get in shape in record time. If you look at the celebrity women who have babies, it may seem as though they never even had babies in the first place. They have some great resources at their fingertips, but they are also definitely putting in the work to get the job done. One perfect example of this is Jessica Biel who is already in remarkable shape just a few short months after having a baby. How do they do it? What is her secret? It’s time to break down how the celebrities lose the weight and change their bodies in a really big way!

The reality is that their bodies need time to recover just like ours do. As she is a celebrity who is breastfeeding, she also has to be sure that she is still taking care of herself but in the best way possible. It may not be enough to just eat right, for working out is going to be an important component of a true body transformation in this way. She is a perfect example that healthy living is the only true way to transform, and therefore she is in control of her destiny when she commits herself to this type of lifestyle. She does maintain all good healthy habits which will also work in her favor, and then the rest is up to leaning on a good trainer and taking care of herself post baby.

Here we look at how Jessica Biel lost her baby weight in record time. She looks great but is healthy and that’s an important distinction here. She is proof that putting in the work can help you to transform your body even after having a baby.

She used a body climbing exerciser called the VersaClimber: This is a newer workout machine to the scene but not a new concept. You can take it at your own pace and you are essentially climbing which gets the whole body into the act. It’s not high impact but it is very effective for toning and cardio. It incorporates both elements and helps you to get in a good workout in a short amount of time. You work every single body part and essentially help to satisfy all of your fitness needs in one shot, and this is why her trainer loves it for her at this point in her life.

She did low impact and listened to her body, but was efficient in her workouts: She does workout but she doesn’t push herself too hard. She is making the most efficient use of her workout time and that’s why Jessica Biel is a great example. Since she is breastfeeding and still taking care of her infant, she is working WITH her body and ensuring that she never pushes it too hard. She makes working out a priority but doesn’t push herself too hard so that she gets injured. She is getting in the workouts but making the most out of the time she commits and that is helping her to change in a really huge and healthy way!

She follows the Paleo diet and eats clean: She knows that it’s not just about what you do at the gym but also how you eat. She follows the Paleo diet so that she eats a lot of lean protein and vegetables as her primary source of fuel. She embraces this way of eating for she knows that to lose weight and add muscle after a baby it’s as much about a healthy diet as it is about working out. She is making her diet work for her and compliment her workouts, and that’s a huge benefit to this plan.

She gets enough calories for breastfeeding but eats the right foods to complement her workouts: She knows that it’s not about dieting specifically when she’s breastfeeding and so she’s making her calories count for her. She eats a good blend of the right foods, and that means that she will get true value out of it. Jessica Biel is a great role model for women everywhere that shows that if you live healthy and put in the right work you can lose weight and transform your body effectively, even after having a baby!

Author: Callie Lake

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