Here’s How Jessica Simpson Lost the Baby Weight

How Jessica Simpson Lost the Baby Weight For the third time, Jessica Simpson lost the baby weight she’d gained while pregnant.  Once again, she has managed to set the bar very high for other celebrity moms who work hard to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies.

To know how Jessica Simpson lost the baby weight, it’s important to note that she worked to drop quite a lot of extra pounds and has been working at it since March 2019.  It was at that time that she gave birth to Birdie Mae, her youngest daughter and third child.  The singer and fashion designer used the time since her daughter was born to balance life as a mother of three, as a successful businesswoman and as a person who prioritizes fitness.

When Jessica Simpson Lost the Baby Weight

Of course when everyone says that Jessica Simpson lost the baby weight, they aren’t just referring to the pounds she gained during pregnancy.  Simpson had also added some extra weight before getting pregnant, which she has now managed to lose.

According to the celebrity’s own Twitter post, she lost about 100 pounds over the span of six months. “Yes, I tipped the scales at 240,” she tweeted.

However, she managed to establish a routine that is working very well for her, both by her own claims and by her successful weight loss.  Simpson simultaneously added an Instagram post in which she shared two full-length photos of her body.

How She Achieved Her Goals

Of course, as is the case with many celebs, Simpson was able to drop the pregnancy pounds with the help of some professional support.  In this case, the 39 year-old mother of three partnered up with Harley Pasternak, a celebrity trainer.  She had already been working with Pasternak for about 12 years, so the new partnership seemed like a natural one.  At the same time that Simpson has posted her proud updates, Pasternak also took to social media to praise her as an “incredible woman.”

Jessica Simpson lost the baby weight by sticking to Pasternak’s five steps to success.  She built five new habits that Pasternak designed for her in order to overcome her top challenges to losing the pregnancy pounds.

The process was a gradual one.  For instance, getting enough daily steps was a core part of the process, but it started with only 6,000 steps per day, which were gradually increased over time to 12,000 daily steps. She also focused on keeping a regular schedule, particularly getting quality sleep every night. Naturally, a healthy diet was also an important part of this process, as was a physical training schedule.  By keeping this up, the pounds were gradually burned away and the right routines were put into place for keeping them off.

Author: Callie Lake

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