Joan Lunden Diet

Joan Lunden Diet FoodsThe Joan Lunden Diet is a weight loss program created by the popular journalist and television host. She has admitted that she has never been much of a fan of fresh fruit, but that they are so beneficial that she’s had to learn to eat them.

Making the Decision for a Change

The concept of the Joan Lunden Diet first sparked into existence when she first became a mother. It was at this time that she truly discovered how important it is to eat a healthy diet, and found out about the benefits of fresh fruit as a healthy snack for children.

This is a common time for women to take a closer look at their lifestyles.  It’s often when we realize that we are a role model for others or that our nutrition directly impacts that of someone else that we take ourselves more seriously.  That said, the Joan Lunden Diet is not meant only for new mothers.  Instead, it is meant for anyone who wants to clean up his or her eating habits.

How the Joan Lunden Diet Came to Be

After first becoming a mother and deciding that she needed to eat better, she also discovered that fruits are, in her opinion, one of the most ideal solutions for weight loss. She claims that if you can control your eating habits and include the right fresh fruits into your daily food consumption, then after a full week of these behaviors, you’ll see incredible results.

This is a common belief when it comes to fruits and vegetables.  That said, fruits have  more controversy surrounding their consumption due to their natural sugar content.

The 10 Pounds of Weight Loss Claim

According to the creator of the Joan Lunden Diet, by choosing the right overall eating habits and fruit consumption, you could lose as much as ten pounds within a week of following this strategy.

The concept is that fruit fills you up, contains high levels of nutrients, and that their natural sugar levels will satisfy your appetite very rapidly. The celebrity, herself, says that by following this diet, she brought her 5 foot 10 inch tall body down to 125 pounds from having been almost 190 pounds.

For the best results, she recommends eating fruits that the body is able to use to “burn” fast more quickly, such as kiwi, apples, and citrus fruits.

If you are an experienced dieter, then you know that this type of claim is highly commonplace in the weight management marketplace.  Diets and products love to attach numbers to their claims, preceded by “up to” in order to make sure that as long as you lose 0 to 10 pounds in that time, they are living up to their promises.

It’s also important to point out that 10 pounds of weight loss within a week is generally considered to be excessive and unhealthy. Doctors will typically advise against it, what many people are doing with the Joan Lunden Diet in order to obtain great benefits but in a healthy way, is to simply follow it for three days out of every month.

A Fad Diet?

For a three day period every month, if this the Joan Lunden Diet is followed, the results will – according to this celebrity – be a slimmer and healthier body. Unfortunately, any diet that has that type of structure is typically labeled as a fad diet.  The reason is that, for the majority of people, that type of concept is not sustainable.

Certainly, it may not sound like much to stick to some changes for three days per month.  However, most people won’t keep that up over the long term.  Doctors usually advise strategies that are healthy, balanced and that can be kept up over the vast majority of average days.

Lunden Sticks to Her Claims

Lunden states that one of the most important secrets to taking advantage of the benefits of this diet is simply to make sure that there are always fresh fruits in your fridge. She also suggested that you keep them pre-prepared in portions that are easy to grab on the go, such as fruit salads. Then, she added that whenever you open your fridge to get a snack or a side for your lunch, simply grab one of the fruits.

Aside from the claims about how much a person can actually lose on this diet, the idea of adding more fruit to the average diet is not unreasonable.  Most of us could use more fruit in our diets according to American food consumption data when compared to the USDA nutrition guidelines.

Author: Lori Shearer

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