True Blood’s Werewolf Joe Manganiello’s Muscle-Building Diet

Actor Joe Manganiello had to undergo serious physical changes in order to be ready for his role in True Blood. He had to make sure he gained muscle without putting on much weight. Looking at this from a general perspective, muscle gain without putting on much weight is difficult. However, Joe managed to pull it off with a series of vigorous workouts and a perfectly calculated diet plan. He broke down his diet into portions and consumed essential vitamins and nutrients to make sure he achieved his goal.


The first meal of the day for Joe Manganiello included a fair supply of essential fiber. There is a good reason Joe incorporated fiber into his diet. He was planning to become lean yet put on weight, and for this he needed his digestive system to be in top shape. The best way to ensure that your digestive system is in the best shape is to consume fiber.

Fiber in food does not contain any nutrients or vitamins. It simply passes through the digestive system and promotes healthy digestion. However, fiber takes a while to pass through the digestive system. This keeps you feeling full for longer. This way Joe would not feel the urge to indulge in unhealthy snacking habits until his next meal, at noon.


At noon, Joe consumes one of the largest meals of the day, which gives him a good supply of protein. He consumes a protein shake along with oatmeal. But since his training routine is intense, he needs a good supply of protein. The usual protein intake includes roasted chicken breast. However, this is not all of the protein that Joe Manganiello consumes in a day.

In the evening, Joe has another serving of protein-rich food. This normally includes red meat. This is one of the heaviest meals of the day. The last and final protein meal is at dinner. This meal is not as heavy as the other two meals, as it is right before bedtime. However, it does deliver a good supply of protein.


There are a few supplements that Joe Manganiello consumes. The list, of course, includes protein supplements. However, he does not rely on supplements alone to fulfill his daily protein requirements. In addition to protein supplements, he also consumes creatine. This supplement is known to provide a short burst of power, which Joe needs to get through an intense workout.

These are the diet tips Joe followed to get ready for his role in the TV series. If you want to get the same physique as Manganiello, you should follow these diet tips as well.

Author: Callie Lake

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