John Goodman Weight Loss: How He Lost 100 Pounds

John Goodman, 63, is an American actor known for the hit ABC series Roseanne. He surprised his fans on the red carpet in 2010 by looking slimmer than ever. Goodman claims that his health concerns led him to make this monumental lifestyle change. We can definitely see the difference between his former self and his almost unrecognizable current self, thanks to the John Goodman weight loss journey where he lost 100 pounds.

Goodman admits that he didn’t lose his weight overnight and it is still an ongoing process for him. He says that the main thing which helped him lose weight was his motivation. He wanted to make a serious lifestyle change where he won’t be compromising his long-term health.

Goodman has been fairly open about his weight loss hurdles with the public. He admits having a drinking problem along with unhealthy eating habits. After realizing that he was really damaging his health, he made a drastic change by switching to a much healthier lifestyle. Over the course of three years, Goodman overcame his drinking problems and lost a whopping 100 lbs.

John Goodman was recommended a Mediterranean-style eating plan by his trainer, Mackie Shilstone. His choice of diet is really effective because studies show that the Mediterranean diet promotes health, longevity and slows down the aging process. Everything in the Mediterranean diet is cooked in olive oil or sprinkled on top. Olive oil is a rich source of healthy fats and helps in managing cholesterol and blood pressure levels that most overweight people struggle with.

The Mediterranean diet is known to include large quantities of avocados and foods high in unsaturated fats. Almost every meal consists of a spinach and celery salad. We can see why Goodman was suggested the Mediterranean diet plan.

When the John Goodman weight loss story began, he weighed almost 400 lbs. He says it hasn’t been an easy journey for him and sometimes he still struggles with his routine. He has a great combination of healthy diet and a training plan that is clearly working for him. He aims to walk about 10,000 to 12,000 steps every day. He claims that his lifestyle change has been great for him and that he intends to keep it that way for the rest of his life.

People like John Goodman are a great inspiration for people struggling with weight loss. The John Goodman weight loss journey proves that it is a slow process but you can achieve the results you want if you are determined enough.

Author: Callie Lake

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