You’ll Laugh When You Learn the Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Secret

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss SecretEverybody has been talking about the Kelly Clarkson weight loss miracle we’ve been seeing lately. Ever since she hosted the Billboard music Awards, everyone has been asking about her secret. After all, she looks fantastic! It’s something we’d all like to achieve.

That said, the Kelly Clarkson weight loss magic is, in many ways, just that. It’s something the star, herself, has found to be pretty amusing. This is especially true because the media has made such a big deal out of it.

The Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Effect

Whether she’s on stage at the awards or walking a red carpet, one thing is clear: the Kelly Clarkson weight loss we’ve seen is enviable. Fans have been going crazy over the look and want to know the secret.

What’s up with the Kelly Clarkson weight loss? The star, herself, laughed about it at a press conference not too long ago. She had been promoting the last episode of the most recent season of The Voice. A reporter asked her about her fantastic new fashion and fitness look.

A Touch of Magic

To the shock of many, all that astounding Kelly Clarkson weight loss was the result of skillful styling. In fact, after her chuckle, her reply to the reporter was that her stylists had apparently gone to Hogwarts.

She took the opportunity to acknowledge her “whole glam squad.” She had hired Spanx and Harry Potter, claiming “it’s all like a sausage,” with another laugh.

Positive Body Image

Despite the fact that the Kelly Clarkson weight loss wasn’t as real as it looked, she remains a positive role model for many fans. Clarkson has spoken openly about her body image and her weight. In fact, one of her most recent releases is a single called “Whole Lotta Woman,” which is a direct attack at the individuals who chose to body shame her throughout her life.

Now, she has come to realize that she can feel beautiful and happy with herself regardless of whether she is a “whole lotta woman” or very slim. She has used the right clothing and techniques to achieve a fantastic look and has used her self confidence to develop an outstanding body image.

For fans who need a reminder that health and self-acceptance is more important than being as slim as the photoshopped images in their fashion magazines, Clarkson’s message to herself is an important one.

Author: Callie Lake

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