Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Workout

The Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Workout was created by Sarah Hagaman, the celebrity’s trainer. The star used this hour-long routine that was designed to burn fat and calories while toning and firming the body for a full year and has managed to lose a great deal of weight, transforming herself into someone who is self-assured, sculpted, and slim.

What is the Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Workout?

When asked to explain the design of the Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Workout, Hagaman stated that she added a number of different strength moves using a Bosu and a Power Plate in order to target as many different muscles as possible at once while preventing boredom. Furthermore, cardio is mixed in between sets of toning and strengthening, to make sure that there is a high level of calorie burning.

What Do You Need to Do It, Too?

To use the Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Workout, it is recommended that you use a Bosu balance trainer and either a Body Bar that weighs from 9 to 15 pounds, or a pair of dumbbells that weigh 5 to 8 pounds. It is best to do this workout in front of a mirror to ensure that the movements are being done correctly. The exercises can be done without a Bosu, but the original workout was created for the use of one.

How Often Did Kelly Osbourne Do the Workout to Lose Weight?

The workout is done three to five times per week. It begins with a warm-up that involves 5 to 10 minutes of a cardio activity. In Kelly Osbourne’s case, she usually sets her treadmill to a high incline and walks briskly on it. After the cardio, complete one full set of each of the Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Workout moves without a rest between the sets. Then, repeat one time. Following that, the “mountain climbers” activities are done to boost the number of calories that are burned. These are done with 30 to 60 seconds between each move.

What Moves Will You Do?

The Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Workout moves include: up-down (done in a plank position on the ground or Bosu), overhead press and squat (involving squats and lifting the arms overhead), crisscross squat (where you squat as you raise your arms up and lower your arms as you stand), wobbly push-up (in which you use your feet to push off and cross over while in a push-up position), hamstring march (involving lying face-up on the ground or Bosu, raising the hips and legs in a specific position), and Bosu row (involving using the Bosu and the Body Bar or dumbbells for a type of rowing motion).

What to Look for in a Great Weight Loss Workout?

Although the Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Workout was very helpful for that particular celeb, it was created specifically for her.  As a result, what will work best for you as a fat burning workout may be different.  There are certain things that you can look for in one that might be right for you.  Consider the following parts of a great workout that will support the other changes you’ll make in your weight management efforts, such as eating right and getting better sleep.

A Gentle Cardio Warm-up

This stage helps your body to build up your core temperature and add elasticity to your muscles to prepare them for a more intense workout. Great options can consist of some brisk walking, light jogging, cycling or anything else that will warm up your body temperature.  Alternately, your body won’t be prepared to perform at its best. You won’t burn as many calories, and you may place yourself at risk of injury.

For most complete fat burning workouts, this first stage will only need to be between five to ten minutes long, depending on how quickly your body temperature starts to rise.  When you’re done, you should feel warming and your rate of breathing should have picked up, though not so much that you’re feeling out of breath.

Dynamic Exercises

A complete workout is one that reaches your entire body and not just specific parts.  Keep in mind that you can’t target areas of your body for weight loss only for flexibility and muscle toning.  What the Kelly Osborne Weight Loss Workout shows is that weight comes off the entire body as a result of exercise, not targeted areas.

Do exercises that use many different muscle groups together and not just one at a time.  Burpees, leg swings, inch worms, lunge walks and others will help you to accomplish this goal. You can also combine exercises such as squats, step-ups, lunges and even jumps such as jumping jacks.  By doing combinations you’ll accomplish more at once than you would if you did reps of single moves.

Build Up Cardio for Fat Burning

Longer cardio workouts such as running or shorter H.I.I.T. workouts can help you to make sure your body will burn as much fat as possible within your session.  Running or combining running and walking, swimming laps, or doing other high intensity exercises brings your heart rate and respiration to an ideal rate for blasting through calories.

Cooling Down and Recovery

Finishing up your workout properly can greatly benefit your results.  Ending your workout with some slow movements or even still relaxing poses can help to ease the muscles after they’ve been heavily used.  Following this with foam rolling can encourage blood flow and ease any tightness.  This encourages recovery which is important to getting great results and preparing the body to be able to perform at its best when it comes time for your next workout.

Author: Lori Shearer

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