Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Success Story

When you look at Kelly Osbourne, you see a great celebrity weight loss success story. She is somebody who struggled with her weight for so long and now you see her in the prime of her life. She refers to herself as a “former fat person” and is bound and determined to keep the weight off. She has worked so hard and has managed to maintain a 70 pound weight loss. So this has many people wondering what her secret really is. How could she have lost so much weight, and more importantly how could she have kept it off? So let’s focus on this celebrity and her celebrated weight loss.

The truth is that Kelly Osbourne was like so many of us and she tried just about everything out there. It wasn’t until she started on “Dancing With the Stars” that she fully understood the importance of a good workout and eating right. Though she tried so many diets out there, she found that they only lead to disappointment. She also found that in order to lose the weight and to keep it off, it had to start with her. She couldn’t lose the weight for anybody else, nor could she try a trend in hopes of losing it quickly. She finally understood that in order to lose the weight and to keep it off for the long term, it was truly about eating better and making exercise a priority in her life.

Changing Her Life Is What Finally Worked For Her

Kelly Osbourne got some help from her co-stars on “Dancing With the Stars” and finally understood what eating right was all about. She got a bit of extra help from experts to focus on eating right and changing her diet for good. She got rid of the foods that were adding to her weight issue, and changed the way that she ate from that day forward. It was about enjoying food and eating the healthiest ones out there that really changed her outlook. She also finally learned what it meant to exercise right. She began to take off some of the weight with her dance routines, and wanted to keep the progress going from there.

Kelly Osbourne is an excellent example as she also learned that to lose weight it meant that you could have fun. She now exercises at least six days a week, but ensures that she has fun with it. She uses a hoola hoop routine to help her lose weight but enjoy an activity in the process. So for her it was about balance and finding a routine that worked well for her. If she’s having fun then she’s motivated to keep going, and that’s been her success strategy. So the secret to success for Kelly Osbourne is truly eating right and incorporating exercise into her life.

Author: Callie Lake

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