How Kelly Rowland Lost 70 Pounds

You see it all the time, the celebrities that seem to somehow melt off the fat the minute that their baby is born. It always looks so easy for them, and the reality is that they have many more resources at their fingertips than most of us do. Using a personal trainer, chef, and nutritionist can certainly help—but you also have to put in the hard work yourself. When you look at somebody like Kelly Rowland and her amazing weight loss just months after having a baby, you may wish to know her secrets-and now you can!

She is a singer that has always had a good body and others have envied that look she works so hard for. Once she got pregnant with her first child though, the weight packed on just like anybody else and she did end up gaining 70 pounds in total. While this may sound like a monstrous task for some of us to take off, for her it all boiled down to hard work. It’s important to recognize that she still maintained a healthy lifestyle with a diet rich in the right foods and exercise throughout. That can make taking the weight off a lot easier after the baby is born, and that proved to be true for her.

So if you want to know how to get a body like Kelly Rowland after having a baby, you want to focus on the same things that she does. It may not come as easily to you without all of the reinforcement that a celebrity has, but it also boils down to good healthy habits and also a lot of hard work. Here’s her plan and how you can try to adapt to the same in your own life post baby.

She uses the 80/20 rule in her diet and how she eats: Simple but true, she uses this rule to guide her eating most of the time. So to break it down this means that 80% of the time she eats for nutritional benefits. She eats foods that gives her energy and nourishment the majority of the time. The other 20% of the time though she eats what she wants and allows herself to indulge a bit. She isn’t using deprivation but she also isn’t going overboard. She eats right but also allows herself a little bit of the things she likes the most so that she has the fuel that she needs to move forward.

She understands and embraces the power of clean eating: When Kelly Rowland approaches her eating it’s not about dieting, but rather clean eating. She eats foods that give her fuel and that come from the earth. She doesn’t eat processed or “diet foods” but rather wholesome and nutritious foods that help to keep her going and ensure she can power through her workouts.

She makes exercise a true priority with an emphasis on spinning and cycling: She has found that exercise is the one thing that can help her to shed the fat and really enjoy long term weight loss. Therefore she exercises at least six times per week, and she’s found her niche. She loves cycling and spin classes and so she spends a lot of time doing these activities. She doesn’t skip out on workouts or look t them as a chore, but rather a welcome way of shedding fat. She’s seen results and so she sticks with it as part of her daily routine.

She listens to her body and truly takes care of herself: She knows what it takes to be her best and she focuses on this. She maintains a truly healthy lifestyle and knows that this is key to shedding the weight and liking what she sees in the mirror. If you want to be like Kelly Rowland then you don’t follow the trends but you actually learn what it takes to truly care for yourself. She has found a balance of healthy living, hard work, and a positive attitude. We can all learn from this and therefore lose weight the right way to ensure long-term results.

Author: Callie Lake

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