Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Super Thin Waist

Though it does come with its distinct benefits and advantages, there also comes a great deal of pressure with being in the spotlight. You might think that you get everything handed to you, but there is a lot of hard work that goes into your appearance and maintaining a positive image. This can be made even more difficult if you are overweight and get a lot of negative press about your weight issues. If you are part of a famous family and are trying to lose weight, that pressure can be almost too much—and this is exactly where our story begins with Khloe Kardashian and her weight loss journey!

Though you may not necessarily look at her and think she’s overweight, consider her place in life and the famous family that she hails from. By normal standards she most definitely wouldn’t be considered overweight, but in Hollywood she was called chubby and a lot worse. Add to that the fact that she is part of the Kardashian family, who get a lot of public attention and who are also very fixated on their appearance, and it’s all quite overwhelming to handle. Much to her credit though she has worked hard to lose the weight the right way, so many people are looking to her to figure out exactly how she did it. You can learn from her and apply her lessons for weight loss in your own life, and also get a little inspiration along the way too.

Whatever your feelings about her are, you can’t dispute that she has lost some significant weight and her results are inspiring. It’s helpful to take a look at how Khloe Kardashian has lost the weight and what she is doing to try to improve her life, for these are helpful lessons that we can all benefit from.

She’s working hard at the gym throughout the week: The secret to her success in terms of workouts is cardio circuit training. Rather than just doing cardio or just lifting weights, her trainer has combined both in a really effective way. The short bursts of high intensity cardio mixed with strength training helped her shed fat and also build muscle. This not only helped to improve her overall appearance, but also helped boost her metabolism too. This shows that putting time in at the gym matters, but so do the workouts that you take on, for you want optimal results like she has had with each and every workout.

She’s lost 13 pounds in less than three months: It’s not necessarily that she had a ton of weight to lose, but she wanted to change her body and improve how she felt about it in the process. Her results may not be the norm, but she has lost 13 pounds in less than three months, which is why people are noticing. She has not only lost this weight, but she’s tightened up, shrunk her waist, and received amazing accolades for how her hard work is paying off. More than likely if she continues, she will continue to look and feel better and enjoy this transformation.

She is using “waist training”, which has mixed reviews: This is where the critics have something to say, for the notion of waist training is under scrutiny. She uses a garment that actually sucks in and cinches her waist, much the same way that a corset works. She wears this throughout the day and through this pressure around the waist, the idea is that it helps to shrink it. The reality is that she has probably lost the most weight through her exercise and diet regimen, but she definitely credits waist training for part of it.

She’s complementing her tough workouts with the right foods and a healthy balanced diet: You don’t lose that amount of weight without eating right, and Khloe Kardashian has been very forthcoming about her change in eating habits. She eats smaller meals more frequently throughout the day and focuses on a clean and healthy diet. She has gotten help from a diet pill to help her manage portions, but she has changed the way that she eats overall. This helps us to see how she has enjoyed such a positive body change, and we can all use these tips to help shape our own body and enjoy a healthier lifestyle in the process!

Author: Callie Lake

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