How Kim Kardashian Got Her Bikini Body Back after Having a Baby

While pregnant with her daughter North, Kim gained a lot of weight: she ultimately gained more than 60 lbs during her pregnancy. However, the question remained as to how she would lose the weight that she had put on. Since she had just given birth, Kim worked smart instead of working hard to lose weight. She stuck to a routine which would give her slow but steady results. Let’s look at how Kim Kardashian got her bikini body back after having a baby:

Weight Loss Time Frame

Kim Kardashian did not lose her weight immediately. This is because it is not safe to lose weight fast right after having a baby. In order for Kardashian to produce healthy milk for the baby, she had to consume at least 1,800 calories daily. Any less and she wouldn’t have enough energy to produce enough milk for the baby.

Weight loss is definitely essential but it has to be safe. One thing Kim made sure of was not to take any supplements for weight loss. This is why Kim’s weight loss regimen took a few months rather than weeks.

Eating Healthy

The best aspect of Kim Kardashian’s weight loss regimen was her diet. She made it a point to eat healthily. Of course, she was maintaining a healthy eating routine before she had North, and she resumed these healthy habits to lose weight afterward. Her regular diet included fruits, vegetables, and protein.

The protein that she consumed was of the lean type. This included chicken breast, turkey, and fish. The foods that Kim avoided completely included those that contain a lot of fat. Desserts, fried food, and fast food were strictly off the menu for her. The results were astounding.

Workout Intensity

Another precaution that Kim Kardashian had to take was with her workout regimen. The workouts that she did could not be too intense because she did not have enough energy to push her body to the limit. This is why her weight loss progress was quite slow. However, she gradually but efficiently lost the baby weight.

The training that Kim followed started at a minute level. She had to retrain her body to handle the extreme stress of a good workout. But as soon as she gained her energy levels back, she could handle any regimen. Now her body is ready to handle any type of workouts, including pilates, cardio, and even weight training.

This is how Kim got her fabulous body back and lost more than 50 lbs.

Author: Callie Lake

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