Kim Zolciak Weight Loss Secrets

When you look at celebrities it seems as if their weight loss is effortless. Though you know that they must put in their fair share of hard work, it often seems as if they lose the weight almost overnight. This is especially true when you look at a celebrity that has just had a baby—you wonder how they lose all the baby weight so quickly! It can be enough to make you crazy when you feel as if you are working hard, but knowing their secrets can really help you. A perfect example of this is the recent and very celebrated Kim Zolciak weight loss, and all of us are looking at her wondering just how she did it.

There are some secrets to her success, and it’s great news that she is one of the celebrities willing to share it. What you often don’t hear about these celebrities is that they have a personal trainer, a chef, a nutritionist, a stylist, and may even get help through certain medications. Understanding that even celebrities must put effort into their weight loss certainly helps, however you also have to know that they have more help than most of us do. When you can face those facts and you really get into the nitty gritty of how they lose weight, it can help to inspire you but also recognize that you’re probably doing just fine with your own efforts without all the help.

If you want to know the secrets to the Kim Zolciak weight loss story and really understand this in real life, then let the truth set you free. You will see that she had to make healthy adjustments to her life, particularly after gaining 50 pounds with the pregnancy of her twins. Here’s how she did it and you can apply these lessons into your own life.

She uses Xenadrine to help her get a little boost:

Perhaps the most refreshing part of her weight loss story is her admission that she has used a diet pill. While you might think that a lot of celebrities get help from a diet pill, they won’t often admit it. She has been honest that she has used Xenadrine to help her to get that necessary boost and to help jump start her metabolism. This works as an appetite suppressant so that she can also keep her portions in check when she does eat. This is a big part of her success story and therefore you can see that even celebrities need a little outside help sometimes.

She maintains a strenuous workout regimen:

One of the foundations of the Kim Zolciak weight loss success story is the fact that she works out hard. She does work with a personal trainer, so she creates a targeted workout to help her reach her goals. She has combined cardio with strength training and her goal is to workout every single day, when time allows. She has made no secret that she has to work out to lose weight, and so this is finally communicated with the rest of the world.

She eats a healthy diet featuring a lot of fruits and vegetables:

She is a fairly down to earth celebrity and so she shares that her diet is rich in all the things that she should be eating. It’s not to say that she doesn’t splurge, but she does eat a very healthy diet that features a lot of fruits and vegetables. This means that she probably gets some help from a nutritionist or chef, but she recognizes the importance of these nutritional powerhouses. Clean eating is part of what she credits for the tremendous weight loss.

She doesn’t focus on the number on the scale as much as how she feels:

It’s very clear that she understands just how important her mental state is in losing the weight too. The final fundamental point of the Kim Zolciak weight loss story is that she doesn’t fixate on a number on the scale. She goes by how her clothes fit and how she feels ,and she leaves it at that. Perhaps that’s how she lost the weight so easily, for she was much more focused on being healthy than anything else. These are lessons that we can all apply and use moving forward in our own lives too!

Author: Callie Lake

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