Lisa Riley’s Weight Loss Technique That Worked for Her

Lisa Riley Weight LossThirty nine-year old star, Lisa Riley has gone from size 30 to 16 after going through an incredible weight loss journey. Flaunting her new curvy figure, she believes now is the time to go high on life.

Causing an excitement in everyone that follows her from the series Emerdale, Lisa Riley has wowed her audience by pulling off a slender look, by losing 8 stones. The drastic change in her appearance was seen when she flaunted a mini skirt paired with black tights and high boots. She couldn’t have looked better!

There was this time when she would eat every single item on an entire menu but now, kicking away her old eating habits, Lisa has embarked on a healthier lifestyle.

What drove Lisa to lose her weight was the time when she lost her mother. It had hit like a sharp blow and that’s when she decided to start living for herself, by altering her eating habits, because at the end of the day, you cannot compromise on your health. She gave up alcohol and started following some strict dieting and workout plans.

What Did Lisa Riley Do to Shed All The Extra Pounds?

Unlike most weight loss fanatics, Lisa Riley decided to opt for a healthier routine. She did not give up on eating, nor did she ever cut down on her meals. Instead, she went for healthier eating habits. It is proven that if healthier eating habits are chosen over deprivation, an obvious change can be noticed over a short period of time. Not eating only leads to exhaustion, starvation and eventually depression. If you are looking forward to losing some weight, you must know how important it is to work out and burn calories, for which you need tones of energy.

According to Lisa, life after dropping eight stones has become much easier and active. She wakes up early in the morning for her 40-minute walk, does yoga regularly and instead of using the elevator, she goes the hard way and takes the stairs. Keeping moving and doing most of the chores yourself can work towards effective weight loss.

As you can see, you don’t have to turn your life upside down to lose weight, as Lisa Riley has so expertly shown. However, if you do need some support on your weight loss journey, use PhenBlue, which is without doubt one of the finest over the counter weight management supplements currently available.

Author: Callie Lake

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