How Mama June Shannon Lost 60 Pounds

Celebrity weight loss stories can be found everywhere. You will see some of your favorite celebrities lose weight in no time, even after a baby because they have some of the best personal trainers and can afford to eat the healthy foods that others are not able to. The newest celebrity weight loss story is about Mama June Shannon. She was recently able to shed 60 pounds and is still going at it.

Mama June Shannon, the mother who is known from the TLC show Honey Boo Boo showed off the 60 pounds of weight loss in a photo shoot while she was on a vacation with her family in Florida.

Mama June Shannon has made a lot of progress with her weight loss with a lot of exercise and diet, and she has stated that she wants to lose 100 pounds when she is all done. Back in 2013, Mama June Shannon was able to lose 120 pounds when she went on a low carb diet. She also worked to cut out the sugary drinks and other bad foods that she had been eating in the past in order to lose more money.

The way that she lost weight is no different than what you will be able to do with some hard work. Low carb diets are popular for many people and you can make a choice on the kind that you would like to use. Some will go with the Atkins diet as well as the ketogenic diet because these are the ones that are shown to be the safest. These are great because they are going to help you lose weight quickly by burning up the fat stores in the body for energy.

You just need to make sure that you are eating the foods that are good for you. Go for lots of fruits and vegetables as well as some lean proteins each day. If you are going on a low carb diet, you will have to watch out for some of the carbs, but check the rules for the particular diet that you are choosing.

Make sure that you follow Mama June’s steps and get rid of the bad foods. Anything that has sugar, such as donuts and sweets, as well as the sodas need to be gone. Cut back on the fast foods and make some delicious foods from home and you will be able to see a lot of weight loss as well.

Author: Callie Lake

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