Celebrity Chefs Are Using These Midlife Weight Loss Tips to Drop the Pounds

Midlife Weight Loss - Jamie OliverTrying to keep up midlife weight loss can bring on a number of challenges that may not have been there a decade or two ago.  This is particularly true for celebrity chefs who are required to sample rich and indulgent foods all day long.  They are also regularly tempted to eat heavy meals because that is often what is most easily available to them throughout their day.

However, this type of habit can be detrimental to midlife weight loss. Still, it is just as important for celebrity chefs to keep up a healthy body mass as it is for the rest of us.  This is made even more challenging with irregular eating patterns and working extraordinarily long hours.  Moreover, when you add the tradition of a few alcohol-heavy drinks to wind down after service, it can feel impossible to keep pounds from packing on, let alone losing them

Celebrity Chef Midlife Weight Loss

As we’ve watched many celebrity chefs getting heavier, we’re now watching a number of them undergo midlife weight loss to get their health under control.  Consider the following cases.

Tom Kerridge

The U.K.’s Michelin-starred celebrity chef Tom Kerridge lost a substantial 168 pounds after he completely overhauled his lifestyle.  He weighed 420 pounds at his heaviest, but when he turned 40 years old, he slashed alcohol from his life and adopted a “dopamine diet” that focused on eating food that supports the release of mood-improving hormones.

This occurred about five years ago.  Since then, he documented his midlife weight loss in a book and a TV series called Lose Weight for Good.  While he has seen a bit of the weight creeping back again, he has sharpened his focus and is set to take part in a new TV series on BBC2 called Lose Weight and Get Fit.

Jamie Oliver

After making his way across the United States to help schools to provide kids with more nutritious lunch and snack options, Jamie Oliver gained a substantial amount of weight. This aligned with considerable professional struggles as his restaurant empire in the UK crumbled.  Now, he is placing a focus on midlife weight loss in his Meat-Free Meals cookery series on Channel 4.  The 44-year old dropped 28 pounds in three months back in 2015 upon his 40th birthday, with the goal of improving his life expectancy.

Other chefs to lose weight have included John Torode, Greg Marchand, Andrew Sheridan, as well as Graham Elliot from Master Chef fame.  Gordon Ramsay is well known for his efforts to prevent weight gain and keep up weight management.

Of course, not all of us are celebrity chefs. We don’t all have the resources available to us that they have.  Fortunately, we have options like FENFAST 375 that offer substantial support to healthy weight loss dieting efforts.

Author: Callie Lake

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