Miranda Lambert’s Diet and Fitness Secrets

Renowned country singer and wife of the famous Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert recently lost a lot of weight. Her transformation was so amazing that she looks like a whole new person now. Lambert went down a complete dress size and looks as beautiful as ever. She had to acquire the help of a trainer. However, it was hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that helped her realize her weight loss goal. Her weight loss regimen included giving up certain types of foods and engaging in a vigorous exercise routine. Her miraculous transformation took six months. Let’s look at Miranda Lambert’s diet and fitness secrets.

How Lambert Altered Her Diet

Miranda was a party girl. She spent most of her 20s traveling and partying. Her diet included beer, lots of it, and Cheetos. This caused her to gain immense weight. Even though she never looked bad, she was a tad overweight considering her height. But when Lambert took an initiative to lose weight, she went all in.

The first thing she skipped was the unhealthy breakfast. Her normal breakfast had included bacon and eggs, and she often had a cheeseburger for lunch. Now Miranda has a green smoothie for breakfast. This allows her to pack in fiber to curb her hunger and maintain a steady protein intake. She still hasn’t given up on the cheeseburger, but she eats half of it instead. She has really adapted well to the portioning system, and the results are there for everyone to see. Miranda also makes sure she eats healthy food for dinner. Instead of a steak, she goes for baked potatoes and chicken.

What Did Her Exercise Routine Include?

Miranda Lambert’s exercise routine is also foolproof. Her regular workout includes body weight exercises and circuit training. She even gets her personal trainer to travel with her to make sure she is not skipping workouts. Without a doubt, the routine has worked wonderfully for her. She took everyone by surprise when she revealed her new physique six months following the start of her regimen in November 2013. Even though her routine was tough, the lovely Lambert was determined to embark on her 30s with a whole new appearance.

How Much Weight Did She Lose?

Miranda Lambert is 5’4” and it appears that she has lost excessive weight. The truth is that she lost 20 lbs. and is well within the ideal BMI. She is down a dress size, but her body type is such that it might appear as though she lost too much weight. Regardless of how much weight she lost, her husband, Blake Shelton, is proud of her.

You can lose weight like Miranda and completely alter your lifestyle, too. All you need to do is to change your eating habits and start working out. Within a matter of weeks, you will see spectacular results.

Author: Callie Lake

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