What Miss Universe 2013 Does to Keep Her Amazing Body

When you see somebody as gorgeous and in shape as Miss Universe 2013, you know that she’s working hard to get that killer body. This is where you start to realize that hard work is a necessity to get the look and feel that you are after. Though you might think that it’s as easy as following a simple diet trend, that’s not the case. The gorgeous beauty queen, Gabriela Isler, understands the value of a truly healthy lifestyle to get results. Though she works hard to get that body that she has, she is happy to share what makes up her healthy and successful lifestyle.

The first key to getting the body that Miss Universe 2013 has is to work out—hard! She isn’t one to skip a workout ever. She really understands that the value in working out is immeasurable, and so she sticks to a strict workout regimen. She never misses a workout, and gets some type of exercise in each and every day. The main focus for her is the core because she knows that in order to wear that bikini, you need to have strong abs. So while she works the whole body and really focuses on each and every part, she ensures that within every workout is a good core focus that strengthens and tones this very visible part constantly.

She Works Hard To Get Results and You Can Too

Another part of what makes Miss Universe 2013 such a strong and visible fixture is eating right. She is not one to say that she eats whatever she wants as she knows that’s not the case. To fully complement the workouts you need to eat the right foods. She puts great value on the best foods to help not only fuel her workouts, but also to keep her lean as well. She eats smaller meals more frequently and really tries to combine nutritionally rich foods each and every time. Some of her favorites are egg white omelets, almonds, cucumber with yogurt, and green tea. She focuses on low fat foods that can actually help her to stay lean and burn fat.

The refreshing part about Miss Universe 2013 is that she works hard to get results, and she understands the true value of a healthy lifestyle. This should be a lesson to everyone that if you want that killer body you have to work hard to maintain it. By getting in daily exercise and focusing on a particular body part such as the core, you can really help to tone the body well. You can also ensure that eating the right foods in proper amounts throughout the day keeps you fueled and complements your workouts. So while you may not realize it, this is a great way to defy the trends that promise results with no work. Miss Universe 2013 is a great lesson to show that hard work can really pay off if you focus on results!

Author: Callie Lake

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