How Oprah Winfrey Lost Weight after the Holidays

The weight problems Oprah Winfrey has faced in the past are no secret. The media mogul has been open about being overweight and losing out on roles during her early career because of her weight. That being said, she has been in good shape for the past couple of decades, but even she has found it hard to maintain her weight level during the holiday season. So, it came as somewhat a surprise that she managed to spend the entire holiday season of 2015 enjoying herself, but still managed to lose the weight she had gained right after, looking as great as she has ever been.

Now, you may be wondering how Oprah Winfrey lost weight, that too so quickly after the holidays, keeping in mind her packed schedule. The answer to this is the weight loss program that she has been on since October. You might have read that Oprah joined Weight Watchers late last year and since then has been following their guidelines, in other words watching her weight. In a statement, she said that she is on track with the Smart Points plan and after a recent weigh-in, revealed that this was the first time in almost 4 decades that she is carrying no holiday weight.

According to her, her yearly holiday season weight gain is around 10 pounds. However, this year, thanks to Weight Watchers, she actually managed to lose weight, in fact three pounds. She is currently on a five-year agreement with the company, which means that she can expect to maintain her weight for at least the next four holiday seasons. The great thing about this news is that you can also sign up for Weight Watchers too. If Oprah Winfrey lost weight through it, so can you. That she managed to do so during the holidays is a testament to the efficacy of the program.

Weight Watchers is one of the leading weight loss programs on the market and there is no doubt its popularity is going to rise after it helped Oprah lose weight. In fact, if you doubted the reliability of the program, you shouldn’t anymore. If weight loss has been a struggle for you, following this program can be the key to success. Perhaps you will be able to share your success story with the world in the near future after you lose the extra pounds, just like Oprah Winfrey lost weight.

Author: Callie Lake

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