Oprah’s Weight Loss Strategy and Tips

Oprah Winfrey is known as the richest woman in media, her talk show is watched by hundreds of millions of people, and she is a national icon, yet there is more to her than just that. Oprah has been struggling with weight issues since the start of her career, but over the years, she has managed to lose a huge number of pounds on several occasions and not just that, she manages to keep them off as well. In fact, on her show, you can often hear her talk about weight loss tips and secrets. So, what are Oprah’s weight loss strategy and the tips she provides?

Before getting to that, it is important to understand that some brands have been using Oprah’s name and image to sell their products. Needless to say, their products don’t work. Therefore, before trying any weight loss pill simply because it is ‘endorsed’ by Oprah, you should check whether she actually recommends it. As far as her own strategy is concerned, she relies on the two basics of weight loss: diet and exercise. Yes, despite the demands on her time and her packed schedule, Oprah has lost weight successfully by relying on what works.

The strategy she uses is simple: she refrains from eating fatty foods which cause weight gain, including refined carbs and ‘white’ foods. At the same time, she eats more lean protein, works out regularly, and avoids alcohol altogether. This ensures whatever she puts into her system is healthy and doesn’t accumulate as fat. Another tip she swears by is not eating anything from 3 hours before bedtime. This ensures whatever she eats and drinks is digested properly by her system and there is no risk of weight gain.

Oprah’s weight loss strategy also involves relying on advice provided by Dr. Phil, who states that to achieve weight loss goals, a person has to set smart goals which can be measured, and this is something Oprah follows. She knows what she wants from her diet efforts and is able to achieve it every single time without fail. The other tips she offers include getting plenty of sleep and never skipping a workout session. If your body doesn’t stay active and you lack energy, you will get off track, which goes against Oprah’s weight loss strategy.

So, if you are impressed by Oprah’s ability to lose weight whenever she wants, you can follow the tips provided above to do the same!

Author: Callie Lake

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