Pescatarianism: Famous Folks You Didn’t Know Love Seafood

famous pescatarians In the celebrity world, it’s really hot to be vegetarian or vegan right now, but many of us forget that there are a ton of different ways to practice those lifestyles. Pescatarianism is gaining a lot of traction but there are still many people who haven’t even heard of it.

This is a form of vegetarianism where people who follow it don’t eat any meat or poultry, but they do eat seafood such as fish and/or shellfish. A rising number of celebrities are grabbing hold of this lifestyle. They’re either hard-core hooked on it or they’ve at least given it a try.

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a pescatarian, you’d be in good company. Here are some of the stars you’ve heard of and who have tried or are still living a pescatarian lifestyle:

• Mary Tyler Moore
• Ben Stiller
• Steve Jobs (was a pescatarian before he became a fruitarian)
• Johnny Galecki
• Howard Stern
• Ted Danson
• David Duchovny
• Ariana Grande
• Mark Kermode
• Brigitte Bardot
• Dannii Minogue

This is just a short list of the many, many celebs who have gone veggie but not to the point of having to give up the seafood they love.

There are many reasons for continuing to eat seafood even if you’ve chosen to be a vegetarian. Beyond a love of the taste, there are nutritional benefits as well.

Nutrients – Fish is high in many nutrients that are difficult to obtain in quantity through plant based diets. This includes a wealth of essential fatty acids such as omega 3, vitamin D and calcium, among many others.

Reducing the risk of heart disease – Science has shown that a diet including fish a couple of times per week can lower your risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Mental health – Fatty acids in fish are great for the gray matter in the brain. They help to protect it against age-related deterioration, they may help protect the brain against dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease and may even contribute to the prevention and treatment of depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Fish can help to make you healthier and happier. A great reason for pescatarianism to be so popular. This is probably why so many of the celebs we love who are pescatarian are also among those most associated with great health and least associated with unhappiness.

Author: Callie Lake

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