Check Out the Plant Based Diet Victoria’s Secret Angels Use

Victoria's Secret Angel plant based dietThe Victoria’s Secret Angels are known for looking great, even when they’re not wearing very much, and many now say they’re using a kind of plant based meal program to stay that way. Both Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle have recently been quoted to say that customers should “Just start to include more plants in your life and see how you feel.”

The Plant Based Diet Loved by VS Angels

The specific plant based diet that many of the Angels are following is the Sakara Life program. This nutrition service has become quite popular among celebrities who are seeking to eliminate animal based foods from their diets without sacrificing nutrition. Clearly, it has started to take off among the VS Angels, as well.

In Duboise’s case, she explained that one of her main struggles was with yo-yo dieting. It was something that challenged her for many years. She finally decided that it was time to take matters into her own hands and develop a more positive and healthy relationship with her food.

On Tingle’s side, she decided to start a plant based diet like this one because she was sick of dealing with cystic acne. She had been controlling it with prescriptions but didn’t want to have to take that route anymore. Instead, she decided to make lifestyle changes, including what she put into her body.

Best Friends and Their Wellness and Nutrition Philosophy

These two VS Angels are best friends and came together to use this plant based diet philosophy for better nutrition and wellness. They focus on eating lots of nutrient dense vegetables and greens, preferably organic, with healthy fats as well. Moreover, they have banned calorie counting from their lives. They prioritize preparing their own meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Often, they cook for each other, not just themselves, to benefit from a buddy system’s motivation.

Turning a Plant Based Diet into a Business

This started in 2012, and they saw such positive results that they started preparing meals for their friends, as well. They would bike around New York City to deliver the meals they created for their friends. Since then, they’ve developed it into their Sakara Life plan, which has rapidly grown. In 2018 alone, they have quadrupled their client base.

Furthermore, they have received some rather notable praise, having received applause from top celebrities such as Oprah. They’ve launched several weight loss products such as probiotic chocolates and healthy bars to help support the overall “food is medicine” philosophy their plant based diet supports.

Author: Callie Lake

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