How Rachael Ray’s Yum-O is Helping Families Eat Healthier

Rachael Ray's Yum-O organization

Rachel Ray’s Yum-O organization is a nonprofit created by the Emmy-nominated daytime talk show host and chef after whom it was named. The organization works to create a better relationship between families and the food they eat. It empowers children to be able to make nutritious food choices and to understand how they should be prepared.

There are actually three main components of Rachel Ray’s Yum-O program. The first is to educate children and families about food preparation and children. The second is to make sure that American children have access to food and that kids don’t go hungry. The third is to fund cooking scholarships. Said more simply, the goal is to “Cook, Feed and Fund.”

The syndicated daytime television show “Rachel Ray” featured Rachel Ray’s Yum-O on the April 26, 2017 episode. The star explained that she has always been fortunate enough to have a “healthy relationship with food” right from her earliest years. Moreover, she maintained that relationship throughout her life. She pointed out that this wasn’t something she did alone. Moreover, she has met many other people who learned positive lessons in the kitchen and who have developed their own healthy relationships with what they eat.

The Yum-O program provides both kids and parents with cooking education. This is meant to open their eyes and their minds to the exploration of the enjoyment of food. At the same time, it will empower them with the knowledge they need to make easy and healthy choices that are both affordable and delicious. When people are less intimidated by food, they are more willing to try new things and enjoy the adventure that mealtime can become.

Equally, the program understands that food is expensive and regardless of the appreciation American families can have for their meals, it doesn’t mean they can afford it. Therefore, this program is also designed to help reduce the impact of the food insecurity that impacts millions of Americans every day. An estimated 1 in 5 of those food insecure individuals are children. Yum-O has taken on the battle against hunger.

Finally, Yum-O also recognizes that food isn’t just a passion within a family. It can also be a career. This can help people to both understand their own nutrition and be employed by that knowledge. This organization helps kids to reach goals in the food industry through scholarship funding as well as by providing support to cooking programs and offering rewards to public schools with solid nutrition or food programs.

Author: Callie Lake

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