How Rosie O’Donnell Lost 50 Pounds

Before her amazing transformation, Roseann O’Donnell weighed more than 220 pounds. Her weight really became a problem for her health, and she suffered a serious heart attack. This is when she began her efforts to lose weight. Let’s look at how Rosie O’Donnell lost 50 pounds.

Previous Weight Loss Attempts

Rosie O’Donnell made many attempts to lose the excess weight she had put on. However, those attempts were not successful. She began trying to lose weight after she had a serious heart attack. The type of heart attack that she had was so severe that it is called the “Widow Maker.” Her LAD artery was blocked in excess of 90 percent, and her chances of survival were very thin. This proved to be a wakeup call for her and she went on a diet plan. She cut down on red meat consumption, sugar, and even carbohydrates. Unfortunately, this did not work. This is when her doctor advised her to resort to an alternate weight loss tool.

Weight Loss Surgery

Since no other weight-loss method worked for Rosie O’Donnell, she decided to go for weight loss surgery. However, weight loss surgery is simply a tool to aid weight loss. The size of her stomach was reduced by more than 20 percent. This allowed the stomach to hold less food and limited the amount of calories to which her body had access. Even after the surgery, Rosie had a year to reduce her weight. If not, she could have serious heart issues. This is when the diet plan she followed showed results. She began exercising and dieting.

Surgery Alone Does Not Induce Weight Loss

The surgery only ensures the fact that the stomach holds less food. It reduces calorie intake but does not alone guarantee results. If one has to lose significant weight, weight loss surgery should be paired with dieting and exercise. Only then will weight be reduced. This is why one should never assume weight loss surgery is a cure for obesity. It is simply a tool to aid weight loss when nothing else is working.

Weight Loss Results

When Rosie O’Donnell began her weight loss efforts, she weighed more than 220 pounds. After many months of dieting and exercise after the surgery, she saw significant results. Rosie lost more than 50 pounds and is now quite healthy, no longer at risk for cardiac issues.

Rosie revealed her new and improved physique in February 2014. The star says that she feels better now than ever.

Author: Callie Lake

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