Russell Crowe Shares His Weight Loss Journey

Oscar winner Russell Crowe recently tweeted that the true secret behind his weight loss lies in a gluten free diet. The actor’s weight gain in the past few years made him barely recognizable from his work in successful movies like A Beautiful Mind, Gladiator, and L.A. Confidential. Crowe has reportedly lost 16 pounds in a month owing to restricted calories, a fitness routine and a gluten free diet. This makes Russell Crowe another actor to jump on the bandwagon of going gluten-free. Gluten can cause significant pain and harm to anyone who is gluten-sensitive or has celiac disease.

Crowe isn’t alone in losing weight through this diet. Many other celebrities have shed extra pounds by following a diet that reduces or completely eliminates foods which contain gluten. Tennis star Novak Djokovic has also made headlines by revealing that going gluten free had a profound impact on his training. He also believes it played a great role in his winning the Wimbledon title. Victoria Beckham, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Oscar winning actress Rachel Weisz have all gone gluten free and have cited several benefits of consuming this diet.

Even people who are not gluten-sensitive are opting for this diet for choosing healthier eating options to stay fit. Although Russell Crowe has been tweeting frequently about his weight loss tactics and letting his fans know how many times he went for a walk and for how long, however, the father of two sticks to a gluten free diet for staying in shape. He also spends a considerable time in the gym and on his mountain bike.

Before his weight loss, Crowe, admitted to having a breakfast comprising of cheeseburgers and devoured sugary treats, including cupcakes. According to him, he was 268 pounds in August last year for becoming the physical juxtaposition of Ryan Gosling. Russell Crowe is famous for transforming his body and uses it as an instrument to portray the roles he’s offered with unmatched artistry, as in Gladiator.

Now, the proud actor reveals that he weighs 216 pounds at the moment. Being an avid biker, he has dropped a whopping 52 pounds. The actor has set an example for others to follow that with strong determination and self-discipline anything is possible. Staying gluten-free and changing your lifestyle will help you lose weight the healthy way. As you can see, Russell has achieved success by following this method. Why don’t you follow suit?

Author: Callie Lake

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