Is an OTC Supplement a Safer Version of Phentermine?

OTC Safer Version of PhentermineLooking for a safer version of Phentermine? You are far from alone.  While that prescription obesity drug has been around for decades and has helped millions of patients to lose weight, it is also well known for its drawbacks.  From side effects to withdrawal symptoms, that medication isn’t simply an easy path to watching fat miraculously disappear.  Not to mention the fact that it isn’t appropriate for everyone.

The Hunt for a Safer Version of Phentermine

If you’ve just received a prescription for the drug but want a safer version of Phentermine, your first step should be to have a discussion with your doctor.  The reason is that if you’ve been prescribed this medication, then they have already determined that the risks associated with your obesity – such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or even certain kinds of cancer – are greater than the most common side effects of the pills.

Still, your concerns are valid, and it’s important to have them addressed before you decide to take the medication or not to.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a safer version of Phentermine because you do not suffer from obesity but are overweight and need support with your weight loss, then an over the counter (OTC) supplement may provide you with the benefits you are seeking, without prescription-strength side effects to contend with. It’s still a good idea to talk to your doctor in this circumstance, too.  They can help to advise you as to the types of benefits or ingredients that will support you or can even help you to know you’ve made the right choice if you’re already thinking about a specific product.

What Type of OTC Diet Pill is Right for You?

There isn’t just one type of over the counter diet pills that are perfect for everyone.  If you’re looking for a safer version of Phentermine, you’re not going to find an exact replica of that prescription drug on the supplement shelf.  No matter the claims made by marketers, this type of product simply doesn’t yet exist.

Instead, look for a product made with only clinically researched ingredients and that provides you with the types of benefits that will support your diet. Remember, you’re not looking for a supplement that will make you lose weight – even Phentermine wouldn’t do that. You’re looking for a pill that will provide you with benefits that will support your own efforts to lose the weight.  These benefits should help you to overcome some of the most common weight loss struggles. They may include some of the following:

  • Metabolic rate/metabolism support
  • Energy boosting
  • Focus/alertness enhancement
  • Fat burning exercise performance support
  • Thermogenic ingredients
  • Fat fighting ingredients
  • Workout recovery support

Author: Callie Lake

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